Independence Day -- Live

by Horst Mahler
translation by R. Belser

Translator's inserts are inside square [ and ] brackets.

12 September 2001

The air attacks of 11 September 2001 upon New York and Washington mark the end of the American Century, the end of Global Capitalism, and thus the end of the secular Yahweh cult, of Mammonism.

In our sympathy for the dead of Manhattan and those close to them, the lasting pain and grief of the Germans over the victims of the Anglo-American bombing terror against the major cities of Germany resonates. The pictures of the [American] horror awaken memories of the infernos of Dresden and Hiroshima.

Abusing the noblest emotions of unsuspecting men of good will, the One-World strategists are attempting to whip up their terror, their fury, and their outrage concerning these events into a smoke-screen, behind which the path of causation which resulted in the desperate tactics of the suicide-commandos shall remain invisible.

In this situation, the Deutsche Kolleg [This is a sort of German Nationalist think-tank, to which Herr Mahler and Dr. Reinhold Oberlercher belong] has reached the following conclusions:

1. This is war -- with invisible fronts at present, and world-wide.

2. This war started in 1917, the point in time of the sending of an American Expeditionary Corps to the rescue of Great Britain by the financial elites of the U.S.

3. The German Reich has been caught up in the ongoing conduct of this war of the imperialistic powers, without interruption, since 1914. Their stated goal was and is to secure the supremacy of the United States as guarantor of predatory Free Trade, so that the German Reich is forever destroyed and the great and dynamic German people in the center of Europe are first decimated and then wiped out as a nation-culture and as a factor of power by means of inundation with other peoples.

4. The military defeat of the German Reich in 1945 delivered up the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world, without protection, to American military might and the campaign of plunder by the U.S.- East Coast [by which Mahler is indicating the Jews and their liberal gentile establishment allies].

5. The national power of sovereignty is alienated from the people by the poison of state credit and transformed into a vassal-like control by foreigners.

6. The right of states to conduct war for the establishment or preservation of their self-rule has reverted to the peoples [of the various nationalities] in their (once-again or continued) pre-governmental situation -- as the right to [wage] guerilla war or people's war against the enemy of nationalities [i.e., the enemy of ethnicity per se].

7. This guerilla war is a war of liberation, and as such is a world war, because the enemy of the nationalities controls the world.

8. The air attack of the still unknown suicide commandos has struck at the heart of this monster and paralyzed it for a day. The symbolic power of this military operation smashes the complacency of Western civilization, grounded in hypocrisy.

9. Now -- for the first time -- a military beating has been inflicted on American ground, upon the war of extermination of the Globalists against national cultures.

10. The military means [at the disposal of] the national peoples are not sufficient, however, against the military power of the United States, and are essentially not suited to defeating the power of this evil.

11. Otto Schily is the only one who has expressed it: It is not a war of material powers. It is a spiritual struggle: the war of Western civilization, which is barabarism, against the cultures of the national peoples. The spirit of true freedom brings a deserved end to the freedom of profit-striving, to which the nationalities have been sacrificed. This spirit is becoming a material power, in that it has gripped the peoples.

12. The military attacks upon the symbols of mammonistic World Power are -- because they stimulate, through the Media, the spirit of resistance of the various nationalities and direct it against the chief Enemy -- eminently effective and thus legitimate.

13. As the concept of the folk-community, genuine freedom leads isolated individuals out of the boundless alienation of their exitsence back into the living conviction that their particular interests -- as justified as they are -- are only real -- that is, rational, in unity with the common weal.

14. The oncoming crisis in the World Economy -- independent of the air attacks of 11 September 2001 -- is now taking the enchantment from 'The American Way of Life.' The absolute merchandisability of human existence -- long felt as a sickness -- is lost, along with the loss of external objects, in which human beings seek recognition and validation -- but cannot find them.

15. The religion of Human Rights is now reconciled with the murder, via media spin, of the Palestinian people by Israel, the biblical murderer of peoples: their Turth is the rulership of Terror of decent men, which in this realization comes to its end.

16. The lie, that the State of Israel owes its existence to the politics of the Third Reich under Reichs-Chancellor Adolf Hitler, is recognized: since 1916, the tribes of Judah and Israel have purposefully usurped the political and military potential of the USA, in order, under its protection, to try for the second time, supported by the purchased-by-bribery Balfour Declaration, to get for themselves and ethnically cleanse the land promised them by Yahweh.

17. It is the Yahweh-cult, setting devout Jews [on the path] to the attainment of world power through money-lending, which has given to the present-day capitalist system its lethal dynamics.

18. The Cause of the peoples has good prospects. Faced with the choice of fighting or going under, they will choose to struggle and will prevail: for the enemy has become spiritless and without vision for the world of tomorrow.

Herr Mahler is attorney for the NPD in Germany. This article may be found in its original German on his Website :

English translation copyright 2001 by R. Belser. All rights reserved; no reproduction in part or in whole is permitted without prior written permission of the translator.

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