Chapter #9: Childbirth, Circumcision and Sex Dysfunction

by Elizabeth Bennett

The Biggest Misconceptions about Family Life

[Disclaimer to keep me from being arrested: This chapter is not medical advice, I don't know anything, and ask your god, the State-Licensed Physician before you sneeze or begin any exercise program.  I am not a "doctor" because I don't have an M.D. degree.  My First Amendment rights mean nothing in the face of arguing with anything the Sacred Medical Establishment says.]

Now that you know I'm not a big swelled-head "Doctor," we can move on.

Don't make the mistake of engaging in "casual" sex under the false idea it will make you a better lover or husband later.  Your experience will be entirely the wrong kind of experience, and anything but "casual" in terms of the permanent skeletons in your closet: "silent" incurable venereal diseases, which affect about 60% of Americans today; child-support payments; and most importantly, psychological alienation.

My own experience, and candid conversations with male and female friends, has convinced me of this immutable fact:  A man's level of "sexual experience" has almost NOTHING to do with being a good lover.  Attitude, Reading, True Love, and Circumcision Status has EVERYTHING to do with it.  Does this last surprise you?  If you think in terms of essentials -- and you are Naturalistic -- it should not.

Now I'm going to talk about a subject that fills me with pain.  It's very difficult for me to tell you the whole, horrible truth, without hiding from reality to make ourselves feel better.  If you are circumcised, but have emotional warmth and rationality Intact, what I'm about to say will be gut-wrenching.  You will feel like hunting down the doctor who Cut Off the end of your penis, and torturing him.  After you count to 100, you will feel like going to the root of the problem: Housecleaning the Jewish Parasites and Dumb Lemming Goyim out of this country.  Citizenship is a privilege, not a right.

If you are circumcised, you have been Sexually Mutilated.  You are unable to have sex with a woman in anything close to a normal way.  "Lovemaking techniques" and "communication" are tiny band-aids over the gaping wound that is your relationship.  Your circumcision is the giant, bloody, severed ox head on the table, rotting and filled with maggots, that everyone, including your parents, ignores, while politely sipping cocktails and pretending everything is normal.  You must face the fact that you were Sexually Mutilated (by Establishment Rapists in White Coats), go through a grieving process, and take steps to correct the damage that has been done to you, to the best of your ability.

Only 1% of the world's human males are circumcised.  And the vast majority of these are Semites (Jews and Arabs) and Americans.  Unlike Jews and Arabs, Americans are the only people who sexually mutilate their sons for "non-religious" reasons.  In America, Puritanical Rationalization and Pseudoscience is our Religion.

Circumcised Sex = Dysfunctional Sex

For basic information about what "circumcision" is and how it Destroys Sex, please visit these two web pages:

Read it yet.  Good.  Take a deep breath.  You're safe inside your home now.  Have NOT read it yet?  Follow the links and read!  You MUST.

Jews go to even more sadistic levels of violence when they skin the baby's dick and slice off the covering.  They take a sharp metal knife, or a spiny wooden stick, and scrape it repeatedly over the covering of the bloody infant's nubbin, while it screams, defecates, chokes, and faints.  This is to ensure the head of the penis is so scarified, no cells that can produce mucus remain.  The process is called "Periah" and gained popularity during the Roman Empire, to stop adult Jewish men from "uncircumcising" themselves through a method similar to that which Bigelow recommends in his wonderful Uncircumcising! book.  After Periah, the sick Jewish mohel takes the infant's bloody, scarified little dick in his mouth, and sucks it vigorously in a rite called Metzitzah.  That's right: They're the only tribe that practices Infant Fellatio as part of their Sexual Mutilation Rights.

Not Tonight, Honey

Having sex with a circumcised man is uncomfortable for a woman, and this discomfort (often pain) quickly trains her to avoid sex.  She make excuses, like "I have a headache," "I'm too stressed-out about housework," or more honestly "I have a bladder infection/cystitis," or "I feel chaffed," or "I feel bruised from last time." 

In an Intact Man, the head of the penis is not "red bumpy skin," but a mucus membrane, much like the inside of a woman's vagina.  A layer of mucus only four cells thick separates his raw nerve endings from his wife's vagina or the slick inside of his erogenous foreskin.  Masturbation doesn't require lotion, soap-and-water, or Vaseline.  Nor does it require jerking the penis with rough, forceful energy.  Most often, he can have a climax from a light touch.  So he can masturbate, or have sex with his wife, eight times in one day -- without the shaft of his penis feeling "sore," "mashed" or "desensitized."  In a Sexually Mutilated Man, what used to be the inside of his foreskin is tightly stretched, and has fused onto the shaft of his penis (it's everything below the red circumcision scar).  Both the re-attached foreskin and the head have been thickened by a rough layer of shriveled, leathery scarring, or "keratinization" -- the body's clumsy attempt to seal a ripped-open mucus membrane that is exposed to abrasion from diapers, underwear, bedding, and drying from the air.  You might conclude that circumcised sex is much rougher, clumsier, and dramatically limited in variety, compared to Intact Sex.  You would be right.  The two cannot even be compared.  They are different activities.

Foreskin has about a half million nerve endings, or dendrites (1/3 of the nerve endings in the penis). Its surface area is on average 15 inches square, or half the surface area of the penis.  The inside of it feels like a woman's vagina, because it is a wet mucus membrane against the wet, waxy, mucus-covered head.  The sensation of the foreskin retracting and moving forward against the glans, is impossible to explain to a circumcised man -- but possible for a woman to identify with.  It's a full-spectrum, shimmering, infinitely-dimensional feeling of pleasure, like that of the labia and hood of the clitoris and clitoris gliding against each other -- both sheath and shaft can be felt simultaneously -- sort of like experiencing sex as it feels to the penis and vagina both at the same time.

An Intact Man has an Intact Frenulum, or extremely dense bundle of nerves where the foreskin attaches to the penis.  He is sometimes able to have a climax only by touching this wet, engorged nob on his dick.  It's analogous to the female clitoris.  In circumcision, the male clitoris is amputated.

His foreskin is not "hard to take care of" or "smelly."  Once a day in the shower he spends about five seconds pulling the foreskin back and rinsing underneath it.  But a thin coating of mucus and day-old smegma make the head of his penis feel slippery, like Astroglide or K-Y jelly, to a woman -- as opposed to a dry piece of rubber or plastic dildo, like a circumcised penis.

Foreskin contains unique pheromone glands found nowhere else on the body, that about 30% of women could consciously notice, when sitting next to him on the couch, or standing near him.  The other 70% are only subconsciously affected by these airborne sexual chemicals, and feel an increased sense of well-being, relaxation, and sexual arousal in his presence.   A circumcised man is more neuter in this respect.  He smells more like a plastic manikin to a woman.

An Intact male enjoys being fondled and touched before intercourse just as much as a woman.  He does not rush insanely to penetrate, so he can finally feel a smooth wet coating around the head of his penis.  There is no disconnect between the two partners during foreplay.  The sex act is not abbreviated.

Circumcision got started in America due to Jewish control of both the AMA and the media.  They exploited the strong base of Goyim Puritanism in America to get their agenda of Big Lies across.  Popular child-rearing books which sold 4 million copies before 1945 (Holt's Diseases of Infancy and Childhood and The Ideal Women -- For Maidens, Wives and Mothers, advocated circumcision to prevent -- gasp! -- that terrible sin: Masturbation.  Here is a quote from Maidens, Wives and Mothers:

"Self-abuse lays the foundation for consumption, paralysis and heart disease.  It weakens the memory, makes a boy careless, negligent and listless.  It even makes many lose their minds: others, when grown, commit suicide.  How often mothers see little boys handling themselves, and let it pass, because they think the boy will outgrow the habit, and do not realize the strong hold it has upon them!  I say to you, who love your boys -- ‘Watch!'  The victim is often very near death before you realize that he has done himself harm.  It is worthy of note that many eminent physicians now advocate the custom of circumcision, claiming that the removel of a little of the foreskin induces cleanliness, thus preventing the irritation and excitement which come from the gathering of the whitish matter under the foreskin at the beginning of the glans.   This irritation being removed, the boy is less apt to tamper with his sexual organs.  This argument seems a good one, especially when we call to mind the high physical state of those people who have practiced the custom.  Happy is the mother who can feel she has done her duty, in this direction, while her boy is still a child."

Orgasm is "self-abuse," enjoying is "tampering with," ecstatic pleasure is "irritation," and hiring a Jew in a "high physical state" to skin the end of your child's dick and cut  it off is a "mother's duty" and shows "love."  War is peace and freedom is slavery.  You'd have to be high to do it, alright.  Please pass the LSD.


During Victorian times female circumcision was widely practiced, also to prevent masturbation.  The hood of the clitoris, or sometimes the entire clitoris, was snipped off.  Don't worry -- it's just a "skin tag."  No big deal.

Americans have always been PURITANICAL.  All of their mental problems and hang-ups, they attempt to make go away with all of their "–washes."  The average American woman is so uptight she'll shove a tube of Summer's Evening / FDS flower-scented shit up her vagina three times a month, and inject it with a bunch of perfume and vinegar -- then wonder stupidly why her twat hurts... Why she has yeast and staff infections all the time.  Cuckoo, Cuckooo-Crazy.  Deoderant maxi pads.  Red allergic rashes on a twat.  An American phenomenon. 

And how the Jews have exploited it.

They spread the Penile Reduction Surgery (Circumcision) among the stupidest Goyim first, by campaigning against masturbation and "smell."  When those lies wore thin, they faked research: that smegma causes cervical cancer, that little boy's foreskin is hard to take care of (it isn't, it's fused to the glans until puberty and won't get infected or need to be retracted in the bath), or that to be a good lover, you have to have a tough, scarred-up penis so you can thrust really hard for a long time. In so many words: All lies.  Total lies.

When the lie that foreskins cause cervical cancer was exposed, they said cervical cancer was caused by nothing, and everyone was at risk.  They convinced the poor, virginal White Goyim to go to the gynecologist when she was 18, and get her hymen painfully stretched, ripped or torn when a sick robot in a white coat, shoved a speculum up her to do a "pap smear."  "Get your pap smears every six months," we are told constantly.  The poor girls died of humiliation and embarrassment -- it felt like a rape or a molestation, didn't it?  Jewess Judy Bloom and her sick scatology books were very popular among teen girls, and they all spread the lie about the Pap-Smear Rite of Passage at Age 18.  So did government school propaganda materials for grade school kids like The Weekly Reader.  Sick gyno exams with a speculum-wielding Jew "Doc," robbed the first man they had sex with, of seeing and feeling a hymen and being sure they were a virgin.  Their first penetration experience was from a Jew Gyno instead of a White Man they Loved.  And how would you like the first man who gave you a "breast exam" to be a sick old Jew pretending to be afraid you might have "breast cancer," little Maiden?  In reality, a lot of these girls were in so much pain they lost bladder control and urinated on the table.  Mr. Spock in the White Coat briskly, efficiently continued, pretending to ignore it. 

The truth is, cervical cancer (as well as penile cancer and bladder cancer in men) is caused by PMV, a "silent" incurable venereal disease, which like herpes, CMV, and all the other "silent" diseases, can be detected now with an inexpensive Digene genetic blood test.  But most people still don't know the danger of these diseases to their future spouse and unborn children.  They figure, if they're HIV-negative, they can go around boning as many chicks as they want, with no bad effects.

Don't "ask your physician" before lifting a pillow or beginning any exercise program.  Don't "ask your physician" what the reasons are for skinning your infant son's dick and ripping it off.  Don't ask your physician.  Period.  Ask yourself.  Take responsibility for your own health, your own medical care, and your own thinking.  And read VNN.

And don't bring your son into the hospital to have his tonsils out or his appendix removed.  In most hospitals, the policy is to circumcise any child who's under anesthesia, under the catch-all "medical consent form" that signs away the right to do anything they want, without asking the parent.  The Jews and the textbook-memorizing Goyim they "educated" in State-controlled "medical schools" control the hospitals.  So stay out of them.  Go to a naturopathic doctor or midwife, unless you need surgery, write NO CIRCUMCISION on the medical release form, and demand a copy of it.  Never let a Jewish doctor operate on your folk.  Remember, the Talmud says a Jewish physician is under no moral obligation to "do no harm" to a Goy patient.  Non-Jews are animals and guinea pigs to Jewish doctors, says the Talmud.

What Sex with a Circumcised Man Does to a Woman

Without a foreskin and a smooth, wet glans to aid penetration, it feels a lot like being penetrated by a dry rubber dildo.  When he starts thrusting, his penis scrapes methodically back-and-forth against the woman's urethra, introducing bacteria including e. Coli, which can be anything from uncomfortable, to excruciatingly painful.  The sexual rhythm is "off" from what an uncircumcised man does, and a woman does with an object, to induce a G-spot orgasm.  Afterward, the woman feels like she needs to pee REALLY BAD, because her sensitive urethra has been stripped of meatus and mucus, and severely abraided.  After she pees, she still feels like she needs to pee REALLY BAD.  She smiles and tries to pretend she enjoyed it -- because women are supposed to be really horny and enjoy sex just as much as men today, right?

Twelve to 36 hours later, she feels like she needs to pee EXCRUTIATINGLY BADLY.  When she sits on the potty, hardly anything comes out of her bladder except a teaspoon full of blood and pus.  She has a UTI (urinary tract infection), which our Jew medical establishment says is quite Normal in women.  (How come women in Europe, South America, and Asia never get them?)  "A woman gets a bladder infection every time she has sex, and this is normal because women's ureters are ‘too short,'" chirps the Jew.  Seventy percent of American women get bladder infections from intercourse.  Fifteen percent of American women have had so many bladder infections from having intercourse, that the lining of their bladder is dead.  Absent.  They feel like they need to pee EXCRUTIATINGLY BADLY 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  "I need to pee," becomes a chant in your ear.  Car trips become impossible, there are so many pit stops.  And this is "normal" says the medical establishment.  It's a disease that very few women ever recover from: It's called Interstitial Cystitis (or "urethritis" or "female complaints").  It causes premature aging (as waste products seep back into the body through the bladder).  It causes extreme stress.  It causes HATRED OF MEN and THEIR DAMN SELFISH SEX DRIVE THAT HURTS ME LIKE HELL.

And it explains why Jewesses are even worse shrews than Jew men.  It also explains (together with refined sugar) why yeast infections (from abrasion to vaginal lining) have spawned a multi-million dollar business in snake-oil "yeast infection" treatments like Monistat-7.  Go to the grocery store.  It takes up more shelf space than the contact solution, and costs $20 a pop.  Now that's profit!!  Hear the clink of all those shekels rolling in?  It's almost as good as circumcision -- $800 in pure profit, for surgery that takes 10 minutes on a (formerly) healthy infant.

Once the woman's health is pretty much ruined from having sex with a Sexually Mutilated Abnormal Man, she can go in for "treatments" like Macrobid, which blocks estrogen and permanently destroys her bladder lining, or Keflex, which causes psychosis and tendon-rupture, or my personal favorite, DMSO injections.  DMSO is laboratory sludge discovered by accident to be a painkiller.  Urologists are wont to cathetorize women suffering from interstitial cystitis, balloon up their bladders as big as they can with a pump full of pain killers, rupturing all the bleeding open sores in the bladder that were beginning to heal, and send the anesthetized patient home for the day.  About a week later, she comes back demanding another pain killer treatment, in pain so excrutiating she can barely walk.  Now that's State-Controlled, Jew-Run Modern Medicine for ya.  Don't we love those repeat visits and easy "office procedures?"  I do.

After all this, women begin to complain, "I don't enjoy sex anymore," "I don't feel like it."  New groups of crackpots appear to say, "Women are from Venus and men are from Mars," and "Women give out sex to get love," and "Women like foreplay, men like sex."

Really, these women would be better off reading Sex as Nature Intended It and the semi-helpful, but not root-cause You Don't Have to Live with Cystitis.  And drinking some marshmallow root tea every morning instead of coffee.  And giving their worn-out bodies a few years to slowly heal.

But Nobody Questions the Religion of Circumcision.

Do you want to put your loved-one at risk for going through this Hell?

Long before you have sex with a woman, read The Joy of Uncircumcising! By Jim Bigelow, Ph.D., and Sex the Way Nature Intended It, by Kristen and Jeffrey O'Hara. 

Bigelow's book explores the sadistic Jewish roots of circumcision, and quotes ancient rabbis who explicitly stated, the purpose of the procedure was to drive a wedge between husband and wife, transmuting spousal loyalty into loyalty to the Jewish cult.  Says one rabbi, "The Wife of the Uncircumcised will not betray him to the Church Elders."  Bigelow also covers the way Jews in the government used massive forced circumcision in two World Wars, and its control over the Jew-Controlled Medical Establishment to circumcise a greater proportion of male infants, with each successive generation of Americans.  Until finally the Abnormal is defined as "Normal."  He explores the psychology of doctors and nurses who defend this sick and bizarre torture.  And the sociological factors involved, including the evasions of the sexually mutilated father who insists on mutilating his son, rather than admit that he himself is abnormal.  The last half of the book describes in detail how to correct much of the damage that was done to you, through a gradual process of shaft-skin tissue-growth.  It is painless and costs about $25.  Surgical tape and later tiny weights (like a fishing weight) are taped to the skin on the end of the penis.  This book is the best book on circumcision in existence, and every intelligent adult in America should read it.

Sex as Nature Intended It includes hundreds of candid statements from a scientific survey of women, describing what sex is like with a circumcised man, and what it's like with an Uncut, Intact man.  If you are circumcised and don't bother to read this book, you will not be motivated enough to go through the year-long process of uncircumcising yourself, and regaining a sense of wholeness.  You are also proving to me you don't care about the woman's experience during sex.  And you are afraid to face reality -- to face your biggest problems, and correct them as best you can.

The Good News: You can repair much of the physical damage that was done to you (although not all.)  When you Uncircumcize yourself, you can market your sexuality as a man with a functioning, lubricating penis.  You can market yourself as a man it doesn't HURT to have sex with.  That puts you in the top 10% of American men aged 18-45.  (There weren't any good-looking Frenchmen or Swedes in my neighborhood when last I looked.)  If you set about Healing Yourself, you will make a Wonderful Mate for a High Quality Woman, who has probably never experienced anything other than chaffing sex.

True Natural Childbirth -- Forget the "Bradley Way"

As Aristotle and Hippocrates realized 2500 years ago, the pregnant woman's relaxed and loving state of mind is the only thing that will prevent complications in delivery for mother and baby.  Without that, you better head for the hospital and go under the knife.

Adrenaline, the stress hormone, is what most women produce the most of during labor.  Under bright green florescent lights, in a cold steel operating room, with a strange old Jew in a white coat looking up your dress, tied down flat on your back, your feet in stirrups, and eight strangers staring at your ass while your husband waits outside, and a Big Fat Drill Sergeant of a Comrade Sonja nurse screams, "One-Two-Three-Four-PUSHPUSHPUSHPUSH…"  It's no wonder childbirth has turned into a pathology, that must be "helped along" with surgery, powerful drugs, and $20,000 of the father's hard-earned money.  Step Right Up and Get Your Jewish Snake Oil!

What the establishment calls "natural childbirth" is the same as above, except you've got some décor in the room like flowered wallpaper and a bed, and the husband is allowed to be there if he wears a surgical gown.

True natural childbirth happens when the woman is deeply in love with the father, and alone with him in her bedroom, squatting or on her hands and knees.  It happens in a quiet environment with soft lighting, with a midwife in the kitchen, stocking the refrigerator with food, cleaning, and folding and stacking all the cloth diapers, fresh towels, and preparing warm water for sponge baths.

True natural childbirth is a sex act, just like breastfeeding.  Both can lead to an orgasm.  Women who got off on breastfeeding were afraid to say so, for fear of some Puritan Freak calling them a "Child Molester!"  Women who had the first G-spot orgasm of their lives when in labor, where told they were crazy and imagining things.  If a third-world woman or a European tried to tell an American woman that childbirth wasn't painful -- or at least no more painful than a really bad menstrual cramp until the last 30 seconds -- she'd be laughed-off the stage and get some rotten tomatoes thrown at her face.

The production of adrenaline happens when you take off your clothes in front of a stranger, or a man in a white coat tells you to spread your legs so he can look at your vagina and finger you.  Or a lying Jew tells you, you'll probably "get a tear" to your genital organs during labor, and to prevent this he has to cut your vagina in two big slits to "make the opening bigger."  Evolution designed labor to stop when the woman produced adrenaline, because a wild tiger was probably in the camp.  Adrenaline causes the muscle at the bottom of the uterus, and the cervix, to tightly contract instead of relax.  Meanwhile, the muscle at the top of the uterus keeps on trying to push the baby out, because once it starts, it can't stop.  The result is muscle exhaustion and the production of Lactic Acid, a poisonous by-product that causes extreme cramping and pain within minutes.  The result on the baby is reduced-I.Q. points through Mashed Head.  The pain frightens the woman more, the freaks in the operating room stare at her privates some more, and she produces even more adrenaline.  Then they give her a massive paralyzing spinal shot to kill the pain -- and labor stops.  Twenty hours later, everyone's tired of waiting, so they get out the knives and cut her open.  Everyone's impressed at what a beautiful, Hellish nightmare childbirth is, and how the husband should bow and scrape now that his wife has suffered so much.  Childbirth is very dramatic indeed for them, in a neurotic, sick way.

Natural childbirth is dramatic romantically.  It has an animalistic, very fundamental beauty.  There is nothing more mind-blowing than kissing and touching your exhausted wife and new-born son in your own bed, and knowing that she's still intact… that no one cut her genitals or her abdomen open, or gave her any toxic poisonous drugs.

As Graham points out in Natural Childbirth, the husband speeds and assists labor dramatically, just by touching and kissing his wife, and holding her hand.

Female Genital Mutilation in America: Episiotomy

In order to deliver a baby, a woman needs to be relaxed and sexually aroused.  This causes her genital tissues to relax, and loosen much more, even, than before and during intercourse.  If she's relaxed, and not working against gravity by laying on her back with her feet up ("normal" hospital "delivery" position is extremely uncomfortable and causes tears into the rectum), she won't have a tear -- or at least, no visible tears. 

The Jew-Controlled medical establishment convinces women they will tear, however, and that their hole isn't big enough.  So it needs to be deadened, and cut -- 1 ½ inches deep, through the skin, muscle and cartilage to either side of her vagina.  How many of us know patronizing married women with kids who say knowingly, "Your body is never the same after having kids… You're never as tight afterward…"  Many doctors still try to mutilate women a second time when they go in for their "routine hysterectomies" to get their uterus cut out so they won't get cervical cancer.  (Can't get cancer on body part A if you cut A out, right?  Clever!)  With a wink he says, "While you're under, I'll take a little tuck in down there -- your [circumcised with a deadened penis] husband will like that!" 

A woman has doughnut shaped muscle and cartilage around her vagina.  After she has an episiotomy, she has three separate pieces.  A year after that, she can have [painful] sex.  Enough scar tissue has formed.

Now the lie has been exposed.  Commonsense, really: Women who have episiotomies tear even worse than those who deliver in the neurotic and stressful hospital situation, without one.  Once you tear something, it's easier to tear further.  Once your jeans have a small hole in the knee, it will rip clear across in the next wash.  But the Jews and the Textbook Parrots have a slick answer for this one.  They say, "Better to tear in two big gashes to either side of your vagina, then to tear into your anus so you'll be shitting out your vagina for the rest of your life."  (Because they make you lie on your back with your feet up in stirrups.)  Gee, that makes a lotta sense, Jew!

I know someone who's been shitting out her cunt for the past five years.  She had hospital births, circumcisions, episiotomies, sub-durals, a Jew doctor.  She doesn't like her husband so well anymore.  Seems she wants a divorce.  She acts like kind of a shrew.  I can see why.  He never really looked into the childbirth thing.  "That was the woman's job."  He just liked to stick it in, ejaculate, and let her worry about the medical decisions.

A real man forces his wife to read Natural Childbirth by Graham, M.D.  He subscribes to rational liberal magazine Mother Jones and orders some of their natural childbirth videos.  He doesn't bend when his wife tries to tell him he can't possibly know anything about it, because he's a man and "I've been through it! It hurts like hell!  I want them to take me out!"  A real man sees the contradiction here, because she's listening to her Jew doctor, and he's not a woman.  A real man takes control of family medical decisions, and lives with the results.  He doesn't leave his children's welfare in the hands of a frightened or ill wife who can't think rationally.  He opts not to pay $20,000 for hospital chicanery, and instead pays a naturopathic doctor or midwife $2,000 for services instead of sabotage.

And when his children are born, a Real Man does ALL THE HOUSEWORK AND COOKING for three weeks, so his wife won't get a prolapsed uterus or a hemorrhage trying to lift a heavy pan of food, box of fruit, or laundry basket.  (Childbirth causes a woman's tissues and muscles to relax and become like Jello -- which prevents the need for episiotomies, but does mean her pelvic floor won't keep her organs in place if she strains her abdominal muscles).

A Real Man isn't a Puritan-Freak.  He's not terrified by the sight of menstrual blood, and he's not terrified by the fluid and blood of childbirth, either.  Remember, everybody, naturalistic, not uptight.  If she's nervous and has trouble letting her milk down, he fixes the problem by kissing and nuzzling her breasts (that will make it drizzle out quickly enough.)  When it starts drizzling, he starts sucking her breasts himself.  (You'll like it; it tastes like warm, sweetened, condensed milk mixed with half-and-half.)  If you're at a shopping mall with the baby and she gets full -- and it starts to feel really painful like needles, you'll take action by going back to the SUV with tinted windows, kissing and nuzzling her breasts and suckling her.  She just might be one of those who has an orgasm from it!  How will you know if you never try?

Freaks try to pretend breast-feeding is an asexual activity.  These feminazis do it on park benches right out in public.  They do it in the living room in front of their in-laws and their 19-year-old younger brother.  Freaks lie there stiffly, propped up in a hospital room, with overly-engorged boobs so the baby can't get his mouth around the nipples, and cry and complain that motherhood is too hard and we should just bottle feed.  Real Women know their husband's mouth is big enough, and that's what he's for.

Freaks try to pretend delivering a baby is an asexual activity, and turn it into a neurotic circus.  They're like Nyah-hah-hah-hahhhh Jewess Fran Drescher in The Nanny, huffing and puffing on her back in a delivery room full of extended Jewish family members, with noisy bickering mother-in-laws and grandmas, screaming, "Alright, already, how can something the size of a watermelon fit through something the size of a quarter, nyah-hah-nyah-hah!"

Gee.  I don't know.  How can a cheerleader do the splits, or a full-term baby fit inside something that used to be the size of a pear (a non-pregnant uterus)?   Evolution figured it out; so should you, Fran.

After you and your High Quality Woman have kids, don't let them run the house.  Make them fit into the family; the family shouldn't have to adjust to them.  Crying over the age of 6 months should be ignored most of the time.  It's called, "You're not the center of the universe, and you can't get everything you want."  Don't be one of these hysterical Puritan yuppies bustling around the kid.  Ignore him a lot of the time; with some privacy and discipline he'll learn to THINK on his own and entertain himself with creative games and an imagination.

Make it a point to read the world's greatest child-rearing manual,  The Montessori Method, by Maria Montessori.  Make it a point to read Please Understand Me II and Games Personalities Play.  Be quiet, loving, kind and firm with your kids.  Follow the personality books and use different approaches and disciplinary techniques for different kinds of kids.  Don't have a one-size-fits-all approach, and don't expect them all to be just like you.

I hope I've motivated you to throw out the medical establishment, and only go to the hospital if your arm is hanging by a thread!  I hope I've motivated you to look toward the root cause of your worst medical problems.  We all have them.  If you're circumcised, get the book and go through the painless, non-surgical foreskin "restoration" technique.  If you're a woman reading this, and you've had an episiotomy, admit you made a mistake, and do things differently the next time.  Find a low-key midwife who knows how to turn a breach and make sure a placenta is intact.  Take care of yourself better in future, and take heart from the fact that scars partially heal (as they're replaced by normal tissue) very slowly over time.  Give your body time to heal itself, and don't rush things.

I'd like to leave you with a sad story from one of my best friends, a tall, beautiful, black-haired South American girl, who had her first baby at 27, in Southern California:

"Oh!  It was so horrible! Liz! I cannot tell you.  They said I go too slow, so he took probe.  It was like a knit needle.  He use this to break the membranes.  I scream so loud!! I shriek so loud, anyone can hear.  I said it felt like knives poking and going up my anus.

It was 21 hours.  I don't trust these people.  I don't speak English so well and I wish my mother was there!

You know they say you can have sex in six weeks after.  I don't believe it!  For us, it was a year, and it hurt so bad.  Aiyh-yih!

I don't want to have more kids.  He wants to have more. I don't. Ever! I use IUD.

We're so far in debt now.  Jon is only a car salesman.  We still have $17,000 in medical bills to pay.  I told him, we just should not pay it.  Why should we feel bad about no payment, after what they did to me?

Don't let this happen to you.  Protect your woman from this.

And one other thing -- would you, of sound mind, take the "Male Birth Control Pill" -- female hormones which stop you from producing sperm?  Of course not!  So don't expect her to take the Birth Control Pill, which deactivates her ovaries, dries up her vagina, and shrinks her uterus from the size of a pear to the pre-pubertal size of a prune.  The birth control pill essentially makes women go through menopause, when they're young -- not to mention that unhealthy pasty look, all the weight gain, and the blood clots and strokes.  Stroke wards are full of 30-year-old women now, instead of old men -- all because of that sick little pill.  (But gee!  The ads have smilin' gals on ‘em, and it "cures acne"!!)

Be natural about sex, and get her pregnant.  It doesn't cost 10% as much as you think it does to support a kid. 

Or if that really isn't an option (should you be having sex if it isn't?), use the cervical cap, or a small-size diaphragm fit the way it describes in You Don't Have to Live with Cystitis.  Birth control is very hard on a woman's body.  In fact, in most cases sex and birth control in America RUIN a woman's body.  All the forms are either painful (the IUD feels a lot worse than labor pains, and the condom causes bladder infections), poisonous (hormonal pills, implants, and injections), or interfere with her pleasure (a "correctly" in quotes, fitted diaphragm). 

Rather than try to escape your nature and animality by surgery, drugs, and "birth control," why not just have a big family and reproduce the White Race -- create more people like You?  Maybe big Catholic families aren't so bad after all.  Usually when you do things the natural way, you don't go too far wrong. 

If you can't afford to support a family, maybe you shouldn't be courting yet, and going the artificial, instead of naturalistic, path.  Develop yourself, and save your money instead. 

And there are a lot of fun things you can do with a High Quality Women, besides court her and have sex with her!


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