Homosexuality Ain't Cool

by Andrew Westphal

June 25, 2002

Many of you undoubtedly heard last week about Nickelodeon's efforts to ram homosexuality down our throats. Despite a plethora of protests, Sumner Redstone and his kike-infested Nickelodeon network decided to air a show glorifying homosexuality and gay parenting. On a kid's network??? Something seems a little fishy here, and I think I smell lox. Therefore, after learning of this latest Jewish effort to further de-Christianize and demoralize our people, I was motivated to address homosexuality head-on (no pun intended).

If there is one thing that truly disgusts me, it is homosexuality. Envisioning two guys drooling and slobbering all over each other and bloodying and bruising each other's asses makes me want to vomit all over the place. I have NEVER understood homosexuality, nor do I want to, but for some reason way too many people are tolerant of this filthy and unnatural behavior. However, despite my views toward homosexuality, I believe that gays themselves can change, and I place much of the blame for widespread homosexuality on the perverted Jews in the media who have been brainwashing millions into believing that it is a wonderful and healthy lifestyle.

Surprisingly, people who tolerate homosexuality come from all types of political persuasions, not just left-wingers. I have talked to many fellow white Americans who are very angry about this Jewish-Babylonian shithole in which we find ourselves -- an increasingly multicultural, materialistic, and immoral country -- yet they are tolerant of gays. Why? Are they tolerant of homosexuals because they are latently gay? I do not think so, because I know many people who are definitely not queer, but they have a libertarian attitude towards gays. Is it because they know many people who are gay, and do not want to offend them? Possibly. Is it because some people who are not gay simply see nothing wrong with homosexuality? This could be. Or is it because many people today, particularly suburban white American males, are spineless wimps who are too afraid to take a stand on a controversial issue? I am much more inclined to believe it is the latter, although the first three factors could play a role in explaining people's acceptance of homosexuality.

Spinelessness and passivity among whites are pretty common today in America, and it is a problem that is responsible for a lot more than just tolerance for homosexuality. We have a become a fat and happy group of feminized, self-indulgent pleasure-seekers, and homosexuality is just one destructive byproduct of our slovenliness. Furthermore, I have spoken to countless people about homosexuality, and while I do not intend to offend women, they are usually much more tolerant of gays. In fact, I have talked to many girls who think it is not only acceptable, but cool and trendy. After all, gay men usually act like "just one of the girls" anyway, and women often befriend them. This is unsurprising considering women tend to be a little more forgiving, a little less judgmental, and more emotional overall than men. This would not be such a problem if heterosexual men had the temerity to stand up to women and condemn homosexuality.

However, the vast majority of men today does whatever its girlfriend or spouse tells it to. I know you are familiar with these types of guys, and they are truly a pathetic sight. These feminized losers waddle around with their heads bowed and their shoulders bent, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to have sex, to indulge in more pleasure. The last thing these types of men are going to do is irritate their women by telling them that homosexuality is immoral and destructive. From reading history and talking to people who were born before the sixties, I know that men (and I use the term loosely) like this used to be very uncommon. It used to be that men deserved to be called men, and they always assumed the leadership role in any relationship. Now, after 40 years of feminism and pro-gay propaganda, most men do not deserve to be called men. Rather, many men today are passive and squeamish, and allow themselves to be led around by their wives or girlfriends like a bunch of lobotomized cattle. God forbid they assert themselves and decide to take a stand.

What is the solution to rampant homosexual perversion and other social and political abominations? Well, for anyone who reads the Vanguard News Network, the solution is right there: we must embrace Alex Linder's "New Hardness" philosophy. Absolutely no compromising. The Jews and their perverted acolytes must no longer be allowed to promote a destructive behavior like homosexuality. The Jews know it weakens and softens white men, making it easier for them to control us. Furthermore, homosexuality has unquestionably lowered the white birth rate, which is also good for the Jews. New hardness. Unmitigated, relentless intolerance. Forget being trendy. Forget the in-crowd. Don't let the Jews deceive you into believing homosexuality is somehow cool. Take a stand and embrace the New hardness. Your girl and everyone else will respect you for it.


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