Museum of Jewish Crimes solemn memory of the tens of millions of Aryan victims of Jewish persecution

Exhibit 1(a): Quotations Baring the Invidious & Destructive Nature of the Jew







When I insist on speaking frankly in expressing my ultimate opinion on the Jews, I know that I am thereby exposing myself to terrible danger. Many people share my viewpoint regarding the Jews, although very few are found to be willing to express that viewpoint in public, due to the fact that the Jewish sect constitutes a mighty force in Europe today. The Jewish sect reigns despotically in commerce, in banking, it has seized control of three-quarters of German journalism, and it has grabbed a huge portion of the journalistic trade in other countries as well. Woe, then, to that man who has the clumsiness to rub Jewry the wrong way! (Study of the German Jews)


Invade, Dominate, Enslave. In their deepest essence unadapted, and in a very real sense unadaptable, to the particular nation to which they allegedly belong, the Jews fatally and instinctively strive to reform and transform the "host" nation's institutions in such a way that laws and customs become solely and exclusively adaptable to the ends that the Jews themselves pursue; these ends may seem at first to be practical, but ultimately, and above all, the goals turn out to be messianic in their scope and intent. The ultimate "imperial" destiny toward which the Jews are striving, notwithstanding temporary trials and failures along the way, will always remain the unconditional victory of Israel, which will usher in the ultimate reign over the prostrate world that Israel has at last conquered and enslaved, according to the explicit prophecy of Isaiah.

The Jews are intuitively sympathetic, therefore, with those trends that tend to disintegrate and decompose traditional societies, nations, and cultures.

The Jews preach their deep feeling of love for an abstract aggregation that they refer to as "Humanity," but they must render that entity as uniform, as "undifferentiated," as possible, and they must also see to it that said "Humanity" is completely released from what they ridicule as the "routine" of tradition. They yearn to "liberate" humanity from the "chains" of the past, for only in this purified state will the Jewish overlords feel secure when they hand "Humanity" over, stripped bare and uprooted, as raw human material to be utilized in the various projects concocted by the great architects of the Future, who will construct -- on Principles of Reason and Justice, we have no doubt! -- the Messianic City over which Israel will reign forever.

Bear in mind that the power of the Jews is in inverse proportion to the power of the States that have been feckless enough to take them in; from the moment the Jews gain admission to a State they instinctively seek to bring about the ruin of that State, so that it is only a matter of when, and not whether, they come to dominate and, finally, to enslave that State! (Israel contre les Nations)

Pagan Tolerance vs. Jewish Intolerance. A certain apologetic school of historiography has for far too many years insisted on the validity of the notion that the pagans held the monopoly on intolerance and religious persecution. Nothing could be more false, and modern scholarship and objective historical research demonstrate conclusively that our own view is more than fully justified. Intolerance, arising directly from the religious exclusiveness of the Israelites, is a purely Jewish invention, which was inherited by Christianity, who transmitted this legacy to the modern world.

However, the "chosen people" carried along with this unfortunate baggage something else that was to have an astonishing fate in the heart of the Western World, viz., a potent and strict conception of the divinity, and a proud, unshakable, and even fanatical faith in an all-powerful, authoritarian, intolerant, and jealous God, and in the lofty virtue of a minutely-detailed system of captious Law.

While the Alexandrian civilization, the heir not only to the Greek culture, but to all the other Mediterranean civilizations as well, bestowed upon a dazzled world, beneath the gleaming aegis of the military and political genius of Alexander the Great, the arts, the sciences, and the most profound systems of speculative metaphysics that the world has ever seen, the Jews -- who were already beginning to swarm all over this vast "inter-nation" comprising the territories bordering the Mediterranean littoral -- could only come up with a jealous monotheism, exclusive ritualism tied to an intensely intolerant religiosity; although these ideas had been unknown before this time, their significance and influence were to increase dramatically during the troubled centuries that followed the Hellenic Age.

Judaism was not only an exclusive, or intolerant, belief-system that contradicted the pagans' most profound convictions as well as offending its feelings for tolerance; it was also an exclusive and dictatorial Law that contradicted the pagans' habits, their customs, their manners, and most of all their noble and touching sense of hospitality.

Jewish exclusiveness made itself abundantly felt in the everyday commercial interaction of ordinary citizens in a thousand and one small, but troubling, ways, by the Jews' refusal to eat with the pagans, or to participate in their recreations or their physical exercises, or to serve under the same standards, or by their insistence upon judicial autonomy, and their demand for separate marriages. Wherever larger Jewish colonies became established, whether voluntarily or otherwise, in the midst of Greek or Hellenic peoples, the Jews invariably adopted, and maintained, a foreign appearance. In spite of the fact that they were quite capable of speaking and writing Greek, and that they were equally able to organize their lives in the typically Greek fashion, the Jews' rigid solidarity and their social and legal isolation, which, by its intense malignancy, exaggerated both its significance as well as its consequences, placed them in sharp opposition to life under the Greeks and Romans, so that they were like strangers, "more distant from us," said Philostrates, "than Susa, Bactria, or India."

To the minds of the ancients, so open, so comprehensive, and so tolerant, Jewish exclusiveness seemed to be a monstrosity: intolerance, a Jewish invention and to them a virtue, seemed utterly incomprehensible to the Greeks. In the Hellenistic period, even the pagans were perfectly capable of conceiving of one god, worshipped everywhere under different names, and possessing different attributes -- but they were quite unable to understand that this one God of theirs should be precisely and exclusively the God of the Jews.

Contrary to that which one has been led to believe, the Jews did not introduce the world to an international and universal, or metaphysical, conception of monotheism, a doctrine that was derived quite normally from the political evolution of the state at that time and from the speculative philosophy of contemporary Greek thinkers as well; they did, alas, introduce the idea of the exclusive monotheism of Jahweh, that jealous and tyrannical God.

By a singularly ironic stroke of Destiny, when, upon two occasions, the first with Christianity, and the second with Islam, that exclusive and very jealous God of the Jews, with his tenacious companions intolerance and fanaticism, triumphed, he turned against the "chosen people" themselves, and added mightily to their troubles! (Le Problème Juif)

Let's Have A Rational Anti-Semitism. The disingenuous attitude adopted by so many Jews who attribute the secular phenomenon of "anti-Semitism" uniquely and entirely to the basest sentiments and to the crassest ignorance is absolutely untenable. Nothing could be more infantile than to seek perpetually to contrast the good Jewish sheep, steeped in pious meekness, on the one side, with the bad non-Jewish wolf, thirsting for blood and howling with ferocious jealousy, on the other. The so-called "philosophy of history" that consists in describing as a hate-crazed "pogromist" anyone who attempts to tackle the Jewish problem in a spirit that is not deliriously and apologetically pro-Jewish, is a philosophy that must be repudiated with utter contempt. (Le Problème Juif)

Distort, Betray, Befoul the Lexicon -- and the World is All Yours. The deceitful species of exegesis that consists in hermeneutically torturing a stubborn text until it can be coerced into yielding up the one meaning that is required of it (at the moment anyway) is the only "science" whose discovery can be directly traced to the Jews. In the deft hands of the Judæo-Alexandrians, this verbal-dialectical legerdemain became a formidable implement, one that, strengthened by the inherent perfidiousness of the Jewish character, seems to have aided and comforted the Jews, who used its obvious allure to recruit select adherents of Hellenism as hired hands who, against their own will, perhaps, could easily and quickly be persuaded to empower the "religious" fanaticism and to further the political ends of their Israelite masters, as if the Gentiles were troops captured in battle, and who were to spend their lives as slaves who served the Jewish forces in the capacity of auxiliary troops.

The doomed attempt on the part of the elite of the Hellenic Age to "Judaise" the culture of Greece in its later stages nevertheless did succeed in sentencing, unintentionally of course, the mind of man to a darkness that has endured now for centuries. (Le Problème Juif)

Knowing the Hellene vs. Knowing the Hebrew. In my study of Greek civilization, when I arrived at the Hellenic period I saw the Jewish people swarming before me, armed with a peculiar and powerful religion that, then as now, strives with all its strength to conquer the world. I saw before me, arising face to face with the splendors of a Hellenism that was already tottering on the verge of its decline, Judaism insinuating, tenacious, and mysterious, an entity that grew and spread across the ancient world like some pernicious infection that destroys the body that it has invaded. As the initial success, and ultimately the total victory, of Judaic conceptions have marked the decline and then the downfall of the ancient world, we are completely justified in maintaining that the Jews brought absolutely nothing to ancient civilization except the most powerful ferment of dissolution. (Le Problème Juif)

Paradoxical Aspects of Jewish Ideological Tendencies. The foundation upon which Judaism is built, that which constitutes its very essence, is its exclusiveness. Indeed, the entire history of the Jews and of their religion -- which are inseparable -- gravitates around this phenomenon of Jewish exclusiveness.

First, we have a jealous God: Jahweh; second, we have his chosen people: Israel. The rituals, the commandments, the "Law" that unites them each with the other, all these things comprise the very essence of truth and the subtlest substance of justice. Outside of this privileged realm, there is only an alien world filled with evil. This obviously myopic, and yet admittedly impassioned and immensely powerful world-view has constituted the Jews' integrity as a people for over three thousand years. This unfailing exclusiveness has created a race, a tribe, a religion, and a mentality, to which we can find no analogy in the entire history of the known universe.

And it is by the strength of these very traditions that Judaism has remained immovably and unalterably true to itself throughout every tempest and cataclysm that has afflicted man over the centuries recorded by historians.

No people who appear in the historical record have been so narrowly and so ferociously conservative and traditionalist as the people of Israel, and Israel's national traditions are, one and all, religious traditions; we find ourselves in the presence of a unique, strange, and bizarre picture -- a people-religion and a religion-people; the two ideas are quite inseparable.

Mankind changes, empires rise and fall, ideals are born, blossom, and wither away, but the Jew remains unaltered, and Judaism itself remains unaltered, protected within its shield of ferocious and exclusive ethnocentrism, for it is the creed of a people determined to win everything in the future, a tribe that was, is now, and seems determined to remain, indefatigable, superhuman, and even somewhat inhuman.

The position occupied by the Jews in society -- or rather on the fringes of society -- proceeds from this exclusivity; in order to preserve themselves intact they must segregate themselves from a ceaselessly changing world; should they allow themselves to assimilate, they would thereby renounce their very natures, and they know that this would entail the disappearance of the Jews from history, as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Gauls, and Franks had already disappeared. Only the Jews' tenacious insistence on tradition preserves them from such a fate.

This people without a fatherland, this nomad nation, this dispersed race, nevertheless has its country, i.e., its religion...

The Jewish people are forever seeking the mirage of an age of gold, a new world order, a messianic age in which the inhabitants of earth would live at last in joy and peace, but only under the rule of Yahweh, only when the Gentiles will have become obedient to Yahweh's Law as it shall be administered by the sacerdotal elite, the chosen from among the chosen, as it were, those rare few who had long and well prepared themselves, by enduring arduous trials, so that they would be worthy of this great hour.

Yet this seemingly most "conservative" of human races is paradoxically possessed by a raging demon who persistently instills within the Jewish heart some darkling spirit that provokes the tribe unto inextinguishable revolt, some fierce and fiery force that rages so persistently and violently that it has long rendered the Jews eternally at odds with the real world of history, has turned the Jewish people into permanent exiles who feel that their only hope is to destroy the world that can never be theirs by resorting to revolutionary violence and acts of political subversion. (Le Problème Juif)

We'll Change its Name to "Heaven" After You Move In. The ultimate result of the Messianic revolution for which the Jews are perpetually striving will always be the same: God will destroy the Gentiles and their Kings and will cause Israel and its King to vanquish the enemies of the Jews; the Gentiles will be forcibly converted to Judaism and they will, whether they like it or not, henceforth obey the Law or suffer destruction; in any case, the Jews will have become the rulers of the world.

The Jews' "international" dream is to unite the Gentile world with the Jewish Law...under a general regime of coercive imperialism, which does not dissuade Loeb, Darmesteter, Reinach, or Lazare from referring to this conception by the laughable title "universal fraternity." (Le Problème Juif)

Jews as Revolutionaries. The Jews are ultra-dogmatic revolutionaries from the date of birth, and the basic thrust of all Messianic dogma is to incite Jews to destroy every existing social order that they encounter.

The Jews have sucked profit from every revolutionary movement in history since the downfall of the Roman Empire. During the Renaissance, which was a period of ceaseless uprisings, the Jews lent money to Princes and to merchants, and were well taken care of by both parties; again, during the Reformation, they battened on the religious strife that they saw all around them in order to fatten up their treasure-chests, into which both Protestant and Catholic were happy to stuff their gold. The Revolution of 1789 led directly to the full emancipation of the Jews in France, and their principal advocate in this campaign was Mirabeau, who was acting largely under the influence of Moise Mendelssohn and Dohm; the revolutions of 1830 and 1848 brought further "ameliorations" to the Jews.

And the appalling Fate that has befallen the Russian Empire at the hands of Jewish revolutionaries has profoundly terrified the souls of mankind just as it has ushered inconceivable horrors into the modern world. The Bolshevik ideology, by its very nature and by the scabrous will of its creatures, is from the outset international; in order for this creed to triumph, therefore, it is not sufficient that it conquer and enslave Russia -- it must also conquer and enslave the entire world. To achieve this goal, the Treasury of Russia, having fallen into the clutches of the tyrants in Moscow, has been placed at the service of a militant foreign propaganda apparatus. The funds in question are sent all over the world, to be disbursed whenever and wherever the Bolshevik Movement and its ingenious staff of professional propagandists feel that these funds can do the most damage to established authority.

At least three-quarters of the Bolshevik functionaries in Russia are Jews -- its agents abroad, on the other hand, are almost entirely Jews.

Therefore, Bolshevism is itself the most powerful and indisputable causes for the rise of the universal anti-Semitic movement!

And no country on earth has yielded such a preponderant position to the Jews, whether in finance, in industry, or in commerce, as has Germany. With rare exceptions, we might say that all the new-rich war-profiteers in Germany were Jews.

These Jewish usurers, these Jew-exploiters, and these Jew-profiteers are not newcomers, for they are indeed ancient, millennial growths.

And in Austria too, even the most influential figures in Austrian Socialism were, and are still today [1921], Jews, who mount a transparent charade in which they appear as political opposition to their brethrens' party; they don the ridiculous costume of reformer, make speeches advocating the extreme-left positions, feverishly crooning that internationalist utopian program that the profiteering extreme-right of Jewry is fighting tooth-and-nail, I am sure! (Le Problème Juif)

Can We Talk? Although the objective analysis of the Jewish problem is one of the most pressing concerns of our time, it seems that it is more than ever taboo; one must not speak of it; one is urged not to study it.

On the other hand, we are, of course, entitled -- nay, encouraged -- to deny the very existence of this Jewish problem. Even those who should be most interested in searching for a solution, pretend to solve it by abstention or by silence. And both evasions are applauded as sane methods of research; both procedures are hailed as perfectly consonant with the loftiest humanitarian ideals!

Nevertheless, Judaism -- along with its primal origins and its most distant historical developments -- presents a vast ensemble of sentiments, intuitions, and ideas that are the source of whole systems, religious, political, and social.

We demand the right to discuss fully -- and to annihilate, if need be -- every one of these systems! (Le Problème Juif)

Jewry: A Religion of Nationality. The distinction that must be drawn between Judaism and every other extant religion is not merely a question of degree; it is, rather, a difference of species, or one of nature, something that is fundamentally paradoxical. Judaism is not a national religion but a religion of nationality. (Le Problème Juif)

Pan-Judaism is Not Another Humanism. Jewish Messianism likes to attend the masquerade in the innocent cloak of "universalism," but Jewish Messianism is now, and always has been, on all fours with every form of ideological imperialism; in this case, one might venture to suggest a more candid trade name (or two) for this Jew-imperialism, viz., "Pan-Israelism," or "Pan-Judaism." (Le Problème Juif)

The Cosmos as an Economic Sphere. It is no accident that it was an "English"-Jew banker, that renowned economist David Ricardo -- who was himself the spawn of a "Dutch" Jew-banker who had scurried into London at the end of the 18th century -- who was the inventor and chief theoretician of that purely economic world-view that seems to have conquered most of the world today. The contemporary political doctrine of "free-market" capitalism -- business above everything, business revered as the summum bonum, business considered as the supreme aim of all human effort -- this insanity was hatched out of the brain of the Jew Ricardo. (Le Problème Juif)


These Creatures Are Religious? A people whose highest ideas of religious existence are the sanctification of Sabbath, the washing of hands, the blowing of ram's horns, the saving rite of circumcision, and the thousand external functions compensating for moral delinquencies, with Abraham sitting at the gate of Hell to keep it closed for Jews; a community which would declare marriage impossible to some twelve millions of Gentiles, forbid them the Sabbath, and sentence to death every "stranger" reading an Old Testament; which would have all the Ger who are not idolaters without religion, whilst forbidding those whom it calls "idolaters" (the Christians!) to exercise the commonest feelings of humanity; which would degrade and insult one-half of humanity, the weaker sex, and which would sanction slavery, and at the same time oppress and vilify its slaves by placing them on a level with oxen and asses; a faith which, abounding in heathen practices, would encourage the study of the Black Art, would loosen every moral obligation, would grant dispensations to men's oaths, and would sanction the murder of the unlearned; a system of injustice, whose Sanhedrins, at once heathenish and unlawful, have distinguished themselves only for force and fraud, for superabundant self-conceit, for cold-blooded cruelty, and for unrelenting enmity to all human nature -- such conditions, it is evident, are not calculated to create or to preserve national life. The civilized world would never endure the presence of a creed which says to man, "Hate thy neighbor unless he be one of ye," or of a code written in blood, not in ink, which visits the least infractions of the Rabbinical laws with exorcism and excommunication, with stoning and flogging to death. A year of such spectacles would more than suffice to excite the wrath and revenge of outraged humanity; the race, cruel, fierce, dogged, and desperate as in the days of Titus and Hadrian would defend itself to the last; the result would be another siege and capture of Jerusalem, and the "Chosen People" would once more lie prostrate in their blood and be stamped out of the Holy Land. (The Jew, The Gypsy, and El Islam)


The Coming of the Great Jewish Terror. There is even now in existence a concerted plan to achieve a world organization, about which we've all heard so much said during recent years, on behalf of which so much propaganda has been directed at the masses, and toward which our current rulers have been causing us to slide, gradually, and quite unconsciously. We are speaking, of course, of the socialist form of collectivist organization. It is this precise form, in fact, that harmonizes so beautifully with the character, the aptitudes, and the favored modes of political activism of the Jewish race; it is that form that bears the signature, the trade-mark of this now-ruling people; it is that which it insists on forcibly imposing on the Christian world because it is only by this means than it can rule the Christian world.

Instead of wearing a military or a political character, the dictatorship that is being imposed upon us by the Jewish race will be a financial, industrial, and commercial dictatorship. At the outset, we can be sure that the dictatorship will show itself in public as little as possible. The Jews have equipped the commercial, industrial, and financial sectors with the Joint-Stock Company, thanks to which the Jews are able to conceal their immense treasures from public scrutiny. They will now endow the entire Christian world with the self-same benefits that they have bestowed upon France: the Joint-Stock Company for the exploitation of nations who fool themselves by the taking the name of "Republic," which is a useful alias behind which Jews can easily hide their uncontested monarchy.

We are now upon the verge of the Universal Republic, since it is only under such an administration that Jewish financial, industrial, and commercial Kingship can be effectively established. However, beneath its republican mask, this kingship will be infinitely more tyrannical than any previous despotism in history. It will be as absolute as the tyranny that man has for so long exercised over the animal. The Jewish race will maintain this stranglehold upon us by catering to our "needs." Jewry will rely on a strongly organized and carefully selected police force so generously compensated that its members will be prepared to do whatever is asked of it, just as the presidents of "republics," who receive twelve hundred thousand francs per annum, and who are carefully chosen for their "reliability," will sign their name on the dotted line to whatever piece of paper has been thrust before them. Beyond the police force, there will be nothing but workers on the one side, and, on the other, engineers, directors, and administrators, who will see to it that the human flock may work and live and that, furthermore, the reorganization of the world that we shall have disorganized cannot be operated satisfactorily save by those who will have already gathered into their own hands every bit of the society's available wealth. By reason of this of this privileged situation, which we are so accommodating as to help the Jews to establish it -- for their benefit and to our ruin -- the Jews alone will be in a position to direct the operation. The peoples will put their hand to the wheel to bring about this state of affairs, they will collaborate in the annihilation of any power other than that of the State as long as they are permitted to believe that the State, this State that owns them and everything else for that matter, is synonymous with themselves! They will not cease to work for their own slavery until the day when the Jews finally say to them: "Sorry, pal! You evidently missed our point. The State, this State that owns everything, it isn't you, you fools! It's us!" The people, then, may wish to resist, of course, but it will already be far too late to prevent their doom, for every moral force having ceased to exist, all material forces necessarily go to the wall as well. Sheep do not resist the sheep-dog that is well-trained to drive them and who is equipped with a strong set of jaws. All that the working-class could do, would be to refuse to work. The Jews, of course, are not such simpletons as not to foresee that possibility. They will have stored ample provisions for themselves and for their watch-dogs too. Famine will take care of resistance. If things should get a little out of hand, the Jews would be more than ready to hurl their invincible police forces against unruly, but unnamed rabble, who can mutiny if they like, but they are, after all, powerless, and can be smashed at will. We have all seen what happens to the rabble when it collides with invincible force.

France has known -- and she has not forgotten -- the rule of the Masonic Terror. She will know -- and the world will know with her -- the rule of the Jewish Terror! (La conjuration juive contre les peuples)


Doing the Needful [An Allegory]. If we should discover, one day, that we had been the victims of a poisoning, would it be prudent of us to seek assistance from the very person who had administered the poison to us in the first place? I don't think so! On the contrary, we would do everything in our power to contact a trusted friend's doctor, hoping that he might do the impossible, might pull us through our ordeal and might even succeed in his attempt to save us. That's logical.

The Moral? Instead of trusting to the good offices of the poisoner or those of his accomplice: go ahead and strangle both of them!


On Freemasonry During the French Revolution. This mysterious illumination irradiating the low grades of Masonry, this hierarchy of which Philalèthes Junior has so zealously guarded the secret, those "Unknown Masters" revered by the Judaising Martinists and Philalèthes, who claim domination over ordinary Masonic lodges -- is not all of that the unbreakable chain that connects the Jewish Cabala to Freemasonry, and have we not from that point onwards the right to entertain suspicions as to the nature of that Occult Power that hides itself behind the Masonic Lodges, for is it not the case that the power of which we speak is the brain of Judaism, which seeks to conquer and dominate the whole world.


The Mark of the Beast, or, the Tawny Israelite. Our whole legislation is poisoned at the roots. Where are the roots? In the ethics of the Bible. I once wrote that "Theology has left the Mark of the Beast upon our Statue Book." It reeks of Semitism. The theologian's hoof is everywhere discernible, and we can hardly congratulate ourselves, as white men, on being at the mercy of theories which were elaborated ages ago to suit the convenience of tawny Israelites." (How About Europe?)


Judicious Judgment, Plain Speaking, Clear Understanding. The Jews have always been what they are today, and what they are today is what they will be till the end of days: the bloodsuckers of the people.

The Jews do not obey, nor do they teach the Mosaic Law, but rather they obey and teach the commands of the Talmud.

Therefore, the Jewish sect must be torn out root and branch from German soil, since it quite obvious that of all the secret political societies the most dangerous is Jewry, just as of all the states within the state the most dangerous is Jewry. (How Jewry Imperils Germany, 1816)


Apostate Christians as Handmaidens of Jewish Overlords. Whence comes this sinister and menacing Jewish power, this truly "progressive" force? It has its source in the collapse of the Christian faith, in the rapid growth of secret societies which now serve as living quarters for our apostate Christians, those renegades who desire precisely that which the Jew desires, viz., a triumphant Judaic civilization ruling as invincible master over the earth, according to the specifications ordained by our teacher and master, the Jew-philosopher, viz., a world run by the Jew at the helm of the Alliance universelle. (Le Juif, le judaïsme et la judaïsation des peuples chrétiens)

They Speak to Our Face of their Plans -- But Who Listens? The generic hostility to religion, but even more, the campaigns that are being waged against Christianity in particular in our own time, possess a quality of concentration and universality which reveals the tell-tale stamp of the Jew, that master-mind who preaches the unification of all peoples, because the Jewish people is the cosmopolitan people par excellence; since we allow the Jew to take advantage of the license to practice free-speech, he explicitly proclaims the advent of the Messianic Age, i.e., the day of his final triumph. He acknowledges, as the most potent source that has led to the coming dawn of this Messianic Age, the principles preached by the philosophers of the eighteenth century, men who managed to be, at one and the same moment, both atheist and cabalist, and it is their great work that has so well prepared the world for its inevitable Jewification. The character of universality is especially to be noted in L'Alliance-israélite-universelle, in the Universal Association of Freemasonry, and in the more recently affiliated auxiliaries, L'Alliance-universelle-religieuse, which welcomes with open arms those timid souls who might be frightened off by the very name of Israelite, and, finally, in the Ligue-universelle de l'enseignement. (ibid.)

Q. Is This To Be Our End? A. If you Like, It Can Be Arranged. A monstrous crisis will one day erupt to shatter the peace of a mellow evening, and when that crisis finally erupts we shall at last be compelled to recognize the fact from which we have averted our faces for so long, for the fact is that our occult societies have been preparing this event for quite some time now, and the precise purpose of their deed of violence was to lay waste to Christian society; very shortly after that initial explosion, there will suddenly appear, in the bright light of an open day and throughout the entire world, every band of militia, every fraternal order, every unknown sect and every secret society whose recruits have sworn their sole allegiance to the Cabala and its Satanic Doctrines. We were hobbled by our blithe ignorance, by the sheer carelessness in which we've always lived, as if we knew nothing whatever of the existence of this sinister cult, as if we were blind to the malign affinities of its disciples, whose confusing web of interrelationships will never prevent these creatures from recognizing themselves as comrades fighting on behalf of the same universal alliance, regardless of the particular flag behind which they may be marching at the moment. They will give each other the Kiss of Peace, and they will hasten to congregate their massed legions beneath the battle-flag of their chosen Leader. And then... (ibid.)

Cabalism and Freemasonry. The Manichæans, Gnostics, Yezidis, and Druses are sectarian variations on the primitive system of Cabalism, i.e., they all remain Sabeists: they worship the sun, the stars, the spirits inhabiting the stars, and even the evil principle that is called by the Persian theologians Ahriman.

Among all of these sects, every passion, including the most vile, is considered to be holy.

This absolute dictatorship of the Grand Masters of Chaldean Cabalism was incarnate in the Prince of the Assassins, and the Druses reverently preserve the doctrinal and ethical codes of this Cabala.

This doctrine is that of the secret Grand Master of High Masonry, which is governed solely by the Jews. (ibid.)

Freemasonry and its Ally Judaism. The gigantic association of Freemasonry, the select initiates of which, as it were, the authentic rulers of which -- those whom we must be careful not to confuse with the merely nominal leaders -- live in a rigorous and profound alliance with the militant chiefs of Judaism, those princes and initiates of the lofty cabal. When we come to that cabal -- to those real leaders whom so very few of the lesser initiates have any knowledge of, or whom they know of for the most part only under a "war name" -- are employed in the money-making and secret plottings of the cabalistic Israelites. This cryptic phenomenon is brought to pass as a result of the habitual and rigorous discretion to which they have accustomed themselves by strict oaths and dreadful threats; thanks also to the overwhelming majority of Jewish members that the darkling constitution of Freemasonry places in its ruling counsel. (ibid.)


See the World as it is, and You will Know What is Required of You. We examine the Jewish question objectively, with the aid of documents and hard evidence in hand, providing conclusions authorized by fifty years of an observant life that I have lived here in North Africa with my eyes wide open, for North Africa is, indeed, the most wonderful laboratory and the best ground on which to investigate the evolution of the Jew.

In France, we are constrained to live under the law of taboo, viz., of the Jewish taboo, and even here in Algeria, who would wish to deny that this taboo is in force when there no longer exists a single journal in which the word Jew can be written with an upper-case J! The Jew is an atheist with regard to the religion of others, he is an internationalist living in the country of others, he is a revolutionary in his attitude toward the settled society of others, but he is prodigiously jealous and fiercely reactionary in what pertains to the Jews' own, the Jews' originality, the Jews' spirit and even the Jews' race, and it is this face that the Jews have revealed with crystal clarity to my attentive gaze throughout the last half-century.

It is not so much through himself and his own deleterious activity that the Jew is dangerous, it is by the example that he sets, the contagion that he spreads, and the evil spirit with which he infects the unchained masses, who have been deprived of direction, and are therefore too much inclined to thoughtless imitation of false prophets.

Our anti-Semitism, therefore, is not to be confused with calls for violence, for disorder, or for pointless recriminations; on the contrary, it must be a doctrine of clairvoyance, of systematic protection; our anti-Semitism will be embodied in binding regulations and adamantine laws that must and shall be -- like it or not! -- enforced by the full power of the State! (Le Péril Juif)


Judea as Germanic Fatherland? I Don't Think So. Christianity has purged Valhalla, laid waste to every holy grove, taken the primordial icons of the Germanic people and shattered them to bits as shameful remnants of degraded superstitions, as poisons brewed by the Devil himself, and forced upon the Germans the images and beliefs of a nation whose climate, laws, culture, and emotions are completely alien to our nature and whose history has absolutely no inner connection with our own.

They may endeavor to force a David or a Solomon down our throats and into our imaginations, but we still remember that our country's true heroes are even now resting in learned historical works.

However, the task of restoring a traditional mythology and iconology to a nation that has long since lost contact with its own past may already be doomed to failure. Indeed, we might be even less fortunate in mounting such a campaign than was the Roman Emperor Julian "the Apostate," who attempted to restore the mythology of his forefathers to the Rome of the decadence.

The question must be: is Judea to be the fatherland of the Teutons? (Theologische Jugendschriften)


On Frankfurt, Germany, Jewry's World-Center. Frankfurt on the River Rhine is the world-headquarters as well as the financial market of our international tribe, the stock-swindlers' metropolis, the big-city from which Jewry issues marching orders to every Sanhedrin and every Masonic lodge...Although the Temple has been turned into rubble in Palestine, a disgusting parody of this ancient edifice has been reared in Frankfurt...

One must wonder what on earth is happening here in this Frankfurt ghetto, which bears so little resemblance to the Foelistraat in Amsterdam, a lazar-house that features the more familiar Jewish types, where both men and women sport abundant manes of kinky hair, oozing eyes, noses shaped like the snouts of tapirs, gaping mouths, and shiny brows perpetually dusted by the flour of dandruff.

Frankfurt, on the other hand, differs from the Amsterdam slum with its patients suffering from diseases of the eye and ailments of the skin...In Frankfurt, in addition to the fair-haired and blond-haired dandies whose reddened faces seem to have bloated up from overdoses of mercury, there are black-haired clans and carrot-topped crews, whose faces are disfigured by growths of kelp hair; these Jews have the muzzles of bulldogs, the eyes of screech-owls, cheeks sculpted out of wax and pink hair-ointment, and chinless, blubbery mouths. These Jews appear cheek-by-jowl with others of their tribe, who have more sharply-incised profiles, around which cluster dangling rust-red forelocks; their faces are adorned with beards that are thin to vanishing, and their eyes, the texture of syrup or gelatin, bulge out of their sockets above huge, hooked noses that curve downward as if they sought to sever the immense line of the slack lower lip...

Then there are those who seem scarcely disfigured by the traditional stigmata of the tribe, for many Jews have stripped themselves of their old rags, and one or two have even washed their skin and combed their hair -- nevertheless, the flashy attire, the tawdry trinkets, and the predilection for gaudy rings soon betray presence of the tribe. A showy exterior seeks to conceal the grime of yesteryear, but cheap perfume can only do so much against the traditional stench of the tribe, an odor formed of the diseased reek of ulcers and the bitter aroma of greasy wool. (Trois primitifs)


They're Jews -- What Did You Expect? These Jews who dwell amongst the Germans have a well-deserved reputation of being sharp customers, and this bad reputation is due predominantly to the spirit of usury that is so obviously at work in most of the tribe. It is somewhat strange to imagine that there really could be a race entirely composed of swindlers, just as it is equally difficult to imagine such a race being limited solely to merchants, by far the most important of whom -- linked together by the most primeval superstitions, and recognized by the State in which they live -- have no desire whatsoever to master any of the civic virtues, but who seek instead to compensate for their shortcomings by deceiving the very people who have been kind enough to grant them protection, and who even add to their offenses by swindling each other when they get the chance! But what else would you expect to find in a race composed exclusively of merchants, for here we're dealing with the most unproductive members of society, i.e., with precisely the sort of people who must live by swindling the gullible and by deceiving the innocents who flock to their shops. (Vermischte Schriften)


Martina Kampmann Recalls the Philosopher's Low Opinion of Jews. Whenever our discussions reverted to the theme of Jewry, the discourse of Klages seemed to lose some of its customary intellectual elasticity, and I used to wait patiently until his vehement hostility began to dissipate somewhat and we could turn to another topic upon which we could come to an agreement. His overwhelming enmity against "Judah" inspired Klages to elaborate an elegantly formulated and closely-argued theory about the Jews, to whom he imputed all of the evil in the world. (MARTINA KAMPMANN'S RECOLLECTIONS OF ANTI-JEWISH SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED BY LUDWIG KLAGES)

Life and Being. All human existence is connected somehow with life: this is so even when life is degenerating (as in a polluted race) and when it is parasitic (as in the Jew behind his mask). (RR p. 289)

The True Master of Secret Societies. In the forefront of our secret societies, we have the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the "Odd Fellows," and B'nai B'rith. The educated classes are provided with such recent varieties as...the Einstein cult and Freudianism. For half-educated fools we have H. P. Blavatsky, Anny Besant, Rudolf Steiner, and Krishnamurti. For the poor in spirit, there's the Christian Science of Mrs. Eddy, the Oxford Movement, and biblical fundamentalism. All of these groups, along with innumerable lesser organizations, are humanitarianism's masks. Jewry is the center from which they are ruled. (LK GL p. 1345)

From A Letter Re: "Anti-Semitism." I've never endorsed the claim that the Nazi Bonzes belonged to a superior race. However, I must also add that I have consistently refused to accept the claim of a certain other race to be the "chosen people." The arrogance is identical in both cases, but with this significant distinction: after waging war against mankind for more than three thousand years, Jewry has finally achieved total victory over all of the nations of the earth.

Therefore, I will have nothing to do with the contemporary kowtowing on the part of almost the entire civilized world before the haters of all mankind (Tacitus spoke of Christians, but he certainly meant the Jews, as will be obvious to every alert reader of his works). I despise all this kowtowing to the Jews as an utterly mendacious tactical ploy. (LK GL p. 1350)

The Prophecy of a Jewish Friend. I might easily fill ten pages...with anecdotes concerning the life of Richard Perls. He was born a Jew, but he eventually abandoned Judaism, a religion that he had come to hate. One year before his death, which occurred, to the best of my recollection, in 1897, he said to me: "Herr Klages, the ancient world was destroyed by Judaism, just as the modern world is about to be!" When I voiced my skepticism as to the accuracy of his prophecy...he merely responded: "Just wait -- you will live to see my prophecy fulfilled!" (LK GL p. 196)

The Great Deceiver. To the Jew, everything human is a sham. One might even say that the Jewish face is nothing but a mask. The Jew is not a liar: he is the lie itself. From this vantage point, we can say that the Jew is not a man...He lives the pseudo-life of a ghoul whose fortunes are linked to Jahweh-Moloch. He employs deception as the weapon with which he will exterminate mankind. The Jew is the very incarnation of the unearthly power of destruction. (RR p. 330)

How Jahweh Expresses Himself. Jahweh's medium of expression is the gesture. His characteristic gestures, insofar as they actually possess any metaphysical significance, can be interpreted as an ever-deeper subjugation of one principle at the hands of an ever-loftier one: consecration, blessing, etc., on the one side, and repentance, contrition, and adoration on the other. Semitic religiosity is restricted to the adoring worshipper and the adored deity. When this religiosity attaches itself solely to the personal, the emblem of worship becomes the individual person. Only the Semitic religions bow to the "One God." In adoration, the believer achieves the non-rational form of ego-consciousness. Pagan rationality glides right past the god to the ego; in the Semitic "service of God," however, the transcendental "One" brings destruction to the world of "appearances." Apollo is, so to speak, an ethically developed Dionysus; he works on the soil of blood-thinning. Jahweh is the all-devouring nothingness; he works on the soil of blood-poisoning. (RR p. 321)

The Cult of the Christ. It is impossible to conceive of a more fatal blindness than that of the cult instigated by this Jewish sectarian and his apostles and camp followers. Torn from the bonds of nature and the past, man must now direct his gaze at the wasteland known as the "future"; into that desert he stares, paralyzed by dread of the vengeful Jew-God. And before this insane masquerade of the "kingdom come," the "last judgment," and "eternal punishment" can complete its conquest of the world, the true heroes and the real gods must first be made to grovel before the cross! (RR p. 285)

Eros (as Opposed to "Sexuality"). In the ancient world, Eros was always closely associated with ethos. The Christian era inaugurated the reign of "sexuality" and its necessary complement: asceticism. Tension and hostility begin to infect intimate relationships, until eventually we arrive at the "war between the sexes."...The Jew consummates the total victory of "sexuality," although, of course, he knows nothing of genuine sensuality, as he is a mere lecher. True Eros is eventually demoted to the status of a mere sexual "stimulant." (RR p. 349)

Rome, Germania, and Judah, Tail of the Scorpion. One may be a fixed star or a planet; even as a fixed star one may be a planet, for there are both planetary suns as well as stationary ones. The Roman was the center, the German the periphery, but the German sphere was so distant that, to the Roman, it seemed to be a mere tangent point, an entity struggling on the margins of his world. The Roman sun is not the German's center, for Rome is itself a peripheral creation in the eyes of the German during the time of his colossal wanderings. But then he was given the cross: now the need for redemption becomes his guiding star, and he is soon at work forging Judah's ring of power. (RR p. 252)

On Nietzsche's View of the Priestly Caste. Nietzsche sees the Jews as the race that has devised the most powerful and influential priestly caste in history...We will now provide a tentative explanation that might account for what seem to be peculiar discrepancies in his estimation of the Jews. He directs his gaze upon the depth, strength, endurance, absolutism, and relentlessness of the priestly will to power; upon its incomparable sagacity, cunning, and craftiness in the selection of mediators; and upon its ingenious flair for adaptation and re-interpretation: thus, he admires the priest and, consequently, the Jew, as the consummate manifestations of the priestly caste. On the other hand, he faces the fact that the priestly will, which is based upon life-envy, is directed against life; this will infects life, poisons life, and causes life to degenerate: thus, Nietzsche becomes the passionate enemy of the priest and, again, of the Jew, as the most extreme embodiments of diseased life. We consider the admiration and the opposition to be two inseparably linked sides of one and the same fact, and we therefore conclude that neither the priestly embodiment nor the Jewish embodiment constitute a comprehensive representation of that which they both serve. Therefore, just as Nietzsche borrowed the name of a renowned god for his cult of Dionysus, so are we justified in borrowing the name of a hostile counterpart in speaking of the cult of Jahweh. There is no disputing the fact that Nietzsche was inflexible in his conviction that historical Christianity is the religion of St. Paul. And the religion of St. Paul is merely a particular version of the cult of Jahweh. (PEN pp. 152-3)

Nietzsche: Philo-Semite and Germanophobe I. Nietzsche had so little of the "anti-Semite" in his nature that he can scarcely conceive of a more loathsome character than the: "anti-Semite"! Whoever takes the pains to examine Nietzsche's collected works in order to determine his actual opinion of the Jews -- and of the Germans -- cannot fail to arrive at the following conclusions: Nietzsche held the Jews in the highest possible esteem; he detests all "anti-Semites"; and he hated the Germans with a blind hatred...

Had Nietzsche lived into the era of the "World War," there can be no doubt as to whom he would have pledged his allegiance: he would certainly have sided with the mortal enemies of Germany! (PEN p. 152)

Nietzsche: Philo-Semite and Germanophobe II. It is Nietzsche who informs us that the Jews who have bestowed the "most refined manners" upon Europe.

It is Nietzsche who informs us that the Jews are the great masters of the art of adaptation, the true geniuses of European drama.

It is Nietzsche who praises the Jews as the race that has the most reverence for their forefathers.

It is Nietzsche who finds in the "Old Testament" the best criteria for distinguishing the "great" from the "small."

It is Nietzsche who holds that "In comparison with Luther's Bible, all other books are mere ´┐Żliterature'".

It is Nietzsche who insists that the Jews and the Romans are the two most spiritually virile nations in history.

It is Nietzsche who tells us that the Jews initiated the "grand style" in moral matters...

It is Nietzsche who informs us that the Jews are "the most ancient and best-bred of all the races."

It is Nietzsche who urges the "noble officers of Prussia" to marry Jewesses in order to create "a new ruling caste for Europe."

It is Nietzsche who calls the Bible "the most profound and most important" book in existence.

It is Nietzsche who tells us that the Jews have raised "the dream of ethical nobility to a higher plane than has any other people."

It is Nietzsche who tells us that the ideas of the Jews are the means by which Europe has achieved its masterful position.

It is Nietzsche whose exaggerated regard for the writings of Heine betrays him into such statements as the following: "Heine's style is far superior to anything that mere Germans" (!) can hope to achieve!

And similar reflections can be culled by the dozen from Nietzsche's works! (PEN pp. 223-4)

Nietzsche in a Nutshell. The following is without a doubt the most elegant formula whereby we can express Nietzsche's true nature: he was the battlefield between the orgiastic celebrants, whom he was the first to identify and interpret, and the ascetic priestly caste, which he was, here again, the first to unmask for us...To employ the language of myth, Nietzsche was simply the field of battle whereon Dionysus and Jahweh waged their war. We know of no comparable example in all of world history. We have often encountered, and still do encounter, the antithesis: Dionysus vs. Socrates, or, more commonly, Dionysus vs. Jahweh. But that one and the same personality should be possessed by both Dionysus and Jahweh is the most terrible case that the mind can conceive. (PEN p. 210)


On the Jewspapers and their Evil Mission. What can I say about the major newspapers in all countries, directly controlled or indirectly influenced by the big Jewish capitalists, through intermediaries, editors, information services, or publicity agents! Just try to advertise a publication that reveals the true actions of Israel and its imperialistic designs in the big Press, or even in the so-called national journals of Paris, London, New York, Vienna, or Rome -- and wait till you see what kind of welcome comes your way! (Les Victoires d'Israél)


On an Illustrious Maniac Named Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau was a beast that no one could tame, a fiend that no force could constrain. He was spawned in a foul region over which for two centuries had hung the reeking miasma of decomposition.

Nothing could restrain the mystical frenzy of that base-born prowler, who was impelled hither and yon by an aged spinster, after having been grotesquely spoiled by all his boyhood associations. Well-schooled to take up any menial employment, even the most degraded sort, Rousseau became, one after the other, a lackey, a lapdog, a music-master, a parasite, a gigolo, and a "self-educated man." He was utterly incapable of associating himself with the truth for so much as a second, and his so-called "arguments" have nothing in common with logic, but are instead just loony rhythmic patterns that bind together nonsensical chains of whining lamentations, each link of which unmasks Rousseau as a criminal, a savage, and a lunatic.

Insanity, savagery, criminality: this adventurer, fattened on every Jew-inspired revolutionary doctrine, saw only virtue in those three idiocies!...

The more fawningly abject, the more groveling and the more slavish Rousseau became in his attitude toward his fellow man, the more he demanded that mankind should accept everything he said as Gospel, should obey his every word, should even worship this Swiss crackpot as a living god!...

At last the glory of France and the splendor of Parisian culture were exploited in order to spread the diseased ravings of this philosophical maniac throughout the civilized world. And this foul fleck of subhumanity, this bit of noxious slime scarcely emerged from the primordial terrestrial swamps, actually managed to seduce the intellectual world of Europe! (Romanticism and Revolution)


Spare a Tear for the Dead of Auschwitz. The only living being that the Germans exterminated at Auschwitz was -- the louse.

Either/Or. We must now solve the most urgent of all problems, and that is, of course, the Jewish Problem; there are only two alternatives: we must expel them, or we must massacre them!


Hatred of the Jews was so widely diffused a feeling in the ancient world that there was never any need to spur it on artificially. This bitter hatred marks one of those deep trenches of separation that, perhaps, will never be filled in between human races. It has its source in something much deeper even than race. There must be a reason why Israel has spent so much of its time being massacred. When all the nations and peoples you meet, whenever you meet them, immediately start to persecute you, there must be a genuine motive behind it all!

The Jew, down to our very own day, has insinuated himself everywhere, claiming always the protection of the common law; in point of fact, however, he insists on remaining outside the common law. He must retain his own unique status. He demands the same guarantees and the same protections as everybody else, of course, but, over and above those entitlements, he presents you with a long shopping list of exceptions, and special laws, and absolute demands, all of which are non-negotiable. So we see that he is more than willing to avail himself of the advantages of Gentile citizenship, but he can easily let others bear the burdens of that citizenship, for he is not at all willing to perform the duties that accompany its privileges.

Now, no nation in history has ever tolerated this sort of outrageous behavior. Nations are military creations, and they are established by the sword and protected by the sword; they are the work of peasants and soldiers; and the Jews have contributed precisely nothing towards establishing and protecting them. And herein lies the gigantic fraud that inheres in these Jewish pretensions: a tolerated alien can, of course, be useful to a country, but only on condition that the citizens aren't required to bend the knee to that alien when he invades their fatherland!

It is certainly preposterous to think that you can claim family rights in a house that you haven't built, like those birds that come and take up their quarters in a nest that does not belong to them, or like those crustaceans that steal the shell of another species! (The Antichrist)


Why World-Jewry Destroyed Imperial Russia. Russia was the only country on earth in which the ruling class was able to mount a campaign of organized resistance to universal Judaism and its schemes. At the head of State was an autocrat who was completely immune to parliamentary pressure; the senior officials were independently wealthy, and so saturated with the religious and political traditions of Russia that Jewish money, with rare exceptions, exerted no influence upon them. Jews were not permitted to enter the civil service in any judiciary function nor could they enter the armed forces. The ruling class remained independent of Jewish money-power because it owned tremendous riches in real estate and forests. Russia possessed wheat in abundance and had access to continually renewable sources of gold from the mines in Siberia and the Ural Mountains. The metal supply available to the State amounted to four billion marks, and that is without taking into account the massive riches of the Imperial family, of the monasteries, and of the private properties. Russia was admittedly an as yet underdeveloped country from the standpoint of industrial production, but she was already self-supporting.

These economic realities made it well-nigh impossible for Russia to be enslaved by the international network of Jewish finance capitalism, which had already been so successful in subduing Western Europe.

If we add, moreover, that Russia had always been the true homeland of the religious and conservative principles that, with the aid of her army she had crushed every serious revolutionary insurrection, and that she would not permit and secret political societies to make mischief within her territories, it will then be readily understood just why World-Jewry felt compelled to march on Russia and destroy her. (Weltkampf [1925 essay])


Hungarian Communists Institute Helpful "Reforms." It was Karolyi who arrived in Hungary in order to make smooth the path for Bolshevism by promulgating radical reforms in the methods whereby Hungary's younger generation were to be educated. So, we had the mass appointment of Judæo-Masonic professors and teachers; we had the Bolshevik re-writing, or "reformation" of school textbooks; we had the systematic attempt to destroy the souls of Hungary's schoolchildren; we had the campaign aimed -- with precision marksmanship, I might add -- to destroy all trace of parental authority over the family; we had the systematic destruction of ethical and patriotic principles; we had graphic sex-education sermons thrust upon our children whether we liked it or not; and to indicate our appreciation for our good fortune in being the delighted recipient of such progressive benefits, we gave hearty thanks to Karolyi's Government. (An Outlaw's Diary)


From a Book Published in 1898 (Maybe Hitler Wasn't Imagining Things After All). The Jewish Press in Vienna sells everything and anything for the right price, including the fame of an artist or the success of a businessman. No intellectual work, no artistic production is ever permitted to see the light of day or to come before the eyes of the public without having previously passed through the crucible of Jew-newspaper "criticism" -- and that process can, of course, be expedited nicely if one is willing to plunk some ready cash onto a Hebrew palm. Thus, every sane artist who is at all ambitious knows from the very outset that if he hopes to gain the approval of the public, he must first kowtow to the almighty Hebrew Press-Lords.

As a result, if a young actress, or musician, or singer displays genuine ability, before she dares to make her first appearance in front of a significant paying audience, you can be certain that she has already paid a heavy tribute to the wishes and desires of Israel. She knows that if she were to appear in public without the permission of these cruel taskmasters, her career would be finished even before it had begun.

This malign influence resurrects memories of the most reactionary and oppressive tyrannies known to history. And the vile necromancer who does this evil work, in our very midst, in our own day, and in the most brutal manner conceivable, is -- the Jew.

And the results of the dictatorial influence that has been wielded by Jewry over the Austrian Press have been utterly catastrophic. Wherever the Jew sets his foot, he has accomplished a monstrous work of death. Wherever the Jew has exerted the slightest influence, he converts that place into a wasteland, a lifeless void. Wherever the Jew pitches his tent, he sows the seeds of hatred, of rage, of envy, of dissolution, and of decomposition. (Jewish Austria)

You Have Jews? Soon You'll Have Nothing Else! One cannot envision a more melancholy spectacle than that of the piled-up ruins into which the Jews convert any region into which they swarm. There are districts in Austria where peasant families no longer own a stick of furniture, regions where no native farmer owns the tiniest plot of ground. From their beds to their carts, to their fields, to their scythes -- everything now belongs to the Jews. (Jewish Austria)

You Know Who Is To Blame! "Anti-Semitism" would not possess such mighty roots if there were not such mighty reasons that both explain and justify its existence:

Who buys the house and its furniture after having ruined its former owners? The Jew!

Who evicts the poor peasant from his ancestral hearth? The Jew!

Who encourages the spread of moral filth and degradation among young people? The Jew!

Who concocts fraudulent bankruptcies? The Jew!

Who steals from the worker the fruits of his labors? The Jew!

Who exploits political passions to satisfy his lust and to fill his coffers? The Jew!

Who is the real cause of economic depressions? The Jew!

Finally, who causes disorder and chaos, who provokes the various factions to tear each other to pieces by fair means or by foul? The Jew, always the Jew, whom one unfailingly discovers whenever foul deeds are done in darkness. (Jewish Austria)

In Just Fifty Years! The Jews in Austria were utterly insignificant prior to 1848. Unfortunately, today [1898 ed.] they play a dominant role in the Hapsburg Reich. One might even say, without the slightest exaggeration, that they have now conquered Austria. The Jews alone have profited from the revolution that has caused the streets of Vienna to run red with a river of blood. It seems as if for the Jews' benefit alone were so many nobles slaughtered, for them alone were the "Rights of Man" proclaimed.

With that infinite patience and matchless cunning that are so characteristic of their race, they organized the exploitation of Austria scientifically, so that they swiftly succeeded in getting the entire Christian population into their clutches, a group, of course, whose apathy greatly assisted the schemes of their new Jewish masters. This complete conquest of an empire in fifty years is, without a doubt, one of the most astounding feats in modern history. To properly thank the people for having so willingly surrendered themselves, the Jews promptly led them into slavery.

And it is not by hard work, or through the exercise of any traditional virtue, that the Jew has made it to the top of the pole. It is not talent; it isn't science; it is certainly not productive enterprise that has granted victory to the Jews in their war against Austria. It is merely intrigue, brazenness, an ability to exploit, and a readiness to betray one's neighbor, and an insatiable rapaciousness coupled with an utterly unscrupulous character that have joined forces to win the day for the Jew. In shamelessly misappropriating the fruits of the labor and creativity of their fellow-citizens, the Jews have gained vast wealth; the Jews have mastered the arts of social coercion; and, finally, the Jews have established a monopoly on power-politics in the Austrian Empire. From being mere nothings in 1848, they have come to rule the Hapsburg Monarchy in 1898!

And the Jew has enriched himself solely by means of exploitation. He has not worked, and he has never given evidence of the least creativity. He has never picked up a needle, an awl, or an axe. He has never sweated behind a plough, sown a field, or mown a meadow.

Has the Jew ever accomplished a single fruitful, creative piece of work? Whatever he has done, he has done for himself alone. He has certainly enriched himself beyond any Christian's dream of riches, but he has done this deed upon the backs of Christians. What the Christians have gained by their labor, enlarged by their thrift, and saved by their most minute care, the Jew has plundered from them! (Jewish Austria)