Right and Duty in War and Peace

by Dr. Reinhold Oberlercher

Clarifications, comments, etc., by the translator are enclosed in [square] brackets.

1. After the Western Powers had forced [Germany into] and won the First World War and Germany had to sign the armistice, the Western Powers organized the armistice crime of the hunger blockade, which had as its consequence 800,000 dead of starvation in Germany, in order to wrest from Germany her subscription to the Versailles Diktat of 1919 [The word Diktat -- meaning a command or dictation, is used here -- rather than "treaty" -- Vertrag -- and rightfully so.].

2. The victors mutilated the political landscape of the European continent according to their imperialistic plans. The territories of the vanquished powers were divided up, they were robbed of their sovereignty, and they lost their political capacity to act domestically as well as in foreign affairs.

3. To justify this subjugation, the Western Powers coerced defeated Germany into subscribing to an article whch imposed upon the loser the "war-guilt" clause, thus a guilt which does not exist at all in European laws of war or international law.

4. The system of the Weimar Republic, forced upon the German Reich by the Western Powers, was by definition not capable of jettisoning the Versailles Diktat. This Hitler promised to do, and fulfilled that promise, too. Hitler's taking power was thus provoked by the Western Powers. From the German perspective, the single reproach to be made against Hitler is the neareness of [his] goals and methods to those of the Western Powers.

5. On September 1, 1939, the German Reich obtained military access to its eastern territories amputated by the Versailles Diktat, and requited Poland for its breaking of the prohibition of annexation under international law.

6. With the support of the U.S., England and France misused this local conflict to declare war upon Germany on September 3, 1939, and thereby instigated the Second World War as an anti-German crusade of annihilation.

7. That no declaration of war was issued by the Western Powers against the Soviet Union when its troops crossed the eastern border of Poland, shows how indifferent the Western Powers were to Poland's fate. What mattered to them was the destruction of the German Reich, which -- politically and ecconomically strengthened -- threatened their imperialistic supremacy. Any pretext for the world war was welcome to the Western Powers, whose representatives had made no secret of the fact that they wanted to destroy not only the German Reich, but also the German people, for they were developing the atom bomb for this.

8. But the advent and effect of the Second and Third German Reich saved Europe until 1945 from Asiatic despotism on the one side, and from the dictatorship of Capital on the other side.

9. The view of 20th century German history which prevails today, is the continuation and intensification of the Allied war propaganda after the armistice which took place on 8 May 1945 due to the capitulation of the German Wehrmacht, therefore a continuation of hostile action.

10. The Deutsches Kolleg [German nationalist education center to which both Horst Mahler and Reinhold Oberlercher belong] condemns the present dominating historiography as war propaganda and therefore as one of the numerous crimes of the armistice of the victors!

11. A genuine public evaluation of German history can be attained only after the end of the control of the U.S.A. over Europe.

12. Whoever deplores the crippling of the creative powers in Europe, the inversion of all traditional values and the decline of formerly efficient economies in the Western world, is but bemoaning the outcome of the war lost by Germany and its allies in 1945. The Deutsches Kolleg summons the peoples [i.e., different European nationalities] to recognize this, to thus arm themselves for impending decisions, and to thereby give meaning again to the sacrifice of the many million dead of all peoples who took part in the war.

13. The Deutsches Kolleg recognizes no earthly right above that of the ethnic peoples. The ethnic peoples are in and of themselves the secular Supreme and therefore are not subject to categories such as Guilt and Atonement. They have the right and the duty, to conduct war or to preserve peace. That is international law, which the rule of terror of "human rights" breaks.


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English translation copyright 2001 by R. Belser. All rights reserved; no reproduction in part or in whole is permitted without prior written permission of the translator.

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