Deutsches Kolleg
20. Juli 2001

Condemnation of Human Rights

by Dr. Reinhold Oberlercher

Clarifications, comments, etc., by the translator are enclosed in [square] brackets.

The Deutsches Kolleg condemns human rights and all those subjects who sue for human rights for themselves or for others or who make them valid. Especially and in particular, the Deutsches Kolleg condemns all perpetrators who accuse, prosecute, lock up, bring before tribunals, or in any another way injure other persons on account of violations of human rights. The Deutsches Kolleg passes this sentence, demands the omission or prevention of any sort of propaganda or act of human rights, and leaves to any person the execution of sentence, because human rights are genocide.


1. The individual thing as external object which can be in dispute or not in social and political intercourse between human beings or human communities, is an object, therefore something, which is a right of Someone. Therefore rights are always someone's issue/problem/interest/affair, the 'someones' themselves, however, are persons or subjects of right. The person is still pre-moral and sub-moral, if he finds his enjoyment in rights of property.

2. When the Person is reduced to the human being, then he is made a case [in law], for the human being is only a special animal, and animals are, legally, objects. To be sure, one can presume to claim that the animal has animal rights, for example, the right not to be tortured, but this is only the norm of treatment of persons, and does not make the animal into a subject of rights, rather, at best, a fellow-creature therefore an ethically normed natural form. The violation of this norm of Persons degraded into human beings of some sortor other, by other subjects of rights, is taken as pretext by a third [party] to establish the primacy of supranational law over perpetrators and victims alike, therefore a [system of] legal injustice. Law is still not even an object [thing/case, etc.], but only its norm.

3. The categorical imperative, to be a person oneself, and to recognize others as persons, is damaged first by the object [case -- the status of the person in Law] and second by its norm. Human rights make persons into objects/cases and therefore into animals, which is then also subjected to a universal norm, and thus to the control of law. Human rights are a crime, pure and simple, because they destroy the person. The path to the hell of depersonalization leads down the steps of humanism, apeism, animalism, objectivity, down to legality/legalism.

4. Already individualistic liberalism, which declares the individual person to be the core of the order of Right, was not compatible with the sovereignty of a people, because it absolutizes the class interest of the production middleman of Capital and in place of the folk-state it puts the Capital state. This variety of liberalism destroys the community of the people and thus the people itself, it leaves behind a populace of random whim, a society of individuals. The nation, the people conceived politically, is murdered.

5. All great and shameless crimes of the present, first and foremost those of the United States of America, occur in the name of human rights. Human Rights is the ideology of Globalism of the U.S. and its accomplices. Every people and every State, which is not the slave to this power of evil, is attacked with the Human Rights ideology and is overrun by war. In the end, the protectors of Human Rights stand as their violators. Human Rights, by which the Subject of Right and the nation as subject of international right, have previously gone to ruin, finally fall like a boulder upon the feet of the power which has lifted them against the people of the world.


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