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January 13, 1999


Good Morning from the Zundelsite:


Because of horrendous time constraints, I cannot read nearly as much as I should, and one of the mental notes I have made to myself is to check out this author, Kevin MacDonald, a tenured professor at a California university. Quite a few people have told me that he is worth reading and watching, even though his titles are forbiddingly academic.


Serendipity would have it that, just yesterday, one of my Zundelsite supporters - a fellow by the name of Vladimir (!) - offered to give me a belated Christmas present, which is the Kevin MacDonald trilogy, tellingly published by Praeger, a well-known, Jewish-dominated establishment publisher, titled as follows:


* A People that Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy


* Separation and its Discontents: Toward and Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism


* Culture of Critique - An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements.


And wouldn't you know it, in the same batch of mail was an extensive review of Book Number Three, which shall be today's ZGram topic.


I want to stress that I didn't write this review - it was sent to me by a Revisionist who prefers to keep anonymous - (I wish he would come out of the closet and 'fess up to his writings, which are generally very good and incisive . . . but what can you say, in these times!).


Here is the slighly shortened review:




Kevin MacDonald's book "The Culture of Critique" is a magnificent work. It shows, in rich detail, that the Jewish intellectual has been at war with Gentile society throughout the twentieth century. Of course, the tradition of Jewish intellectual warfare against the host society long predates the twentith century. But in this age of mass communications and "anti-anti-Jewishness," the age-old tradition of Jewish intellectual warfare disguised as "reputable authority" is particularly pernicious.


The book opens with a detailed study of the Franz Boas school of anthropology. MacDonald makes clear that Boas was no scientist, and that his environmentalism and cultural relativity theories were merely a cover for radical political ideas. This is a point which has been made again and again by right-wing authors, but it is instructive to have the point reinforced by a reputable university professor of psychology. Boas, along with the Frankfurt School of social scientists detailed in a later chapter, is shown to be an intolerant commissar with a "toe the line" or get out mentality. Later Boas disciples, such as Margaret Mead and Stephen Jay Gould, are mercilessly dissected.


Chapter 3, Jews and the Left, provides almost all the information one could ever hope for on the overwhelming Jewish background of communism and socialism generally. MacDonald pulls no punches on the fact that communism in America, from its earliest day, was staffed by and run by New York City Jews. There are lengthy descriptions of how the CPUSA strove to conceal its overwhelmingly Jewish background by recruting Gentile fronts. The Jewish background of Soviet Communism in Russia and its satellite states is fascinatingly detailed. A particularly instructive section examines the psychological mechanisms of Communist Jews rationalizing and reconciling their orthodox heritage with Marxism. Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin's propaganda man and a formal anti-Zionist, now lies buried in Israel. Many of these Jewish Communists simply substituted the Party for their belief in Moses. To quote one of them: "I believed in Stalin and in the Party as my father believed in the Messiah."


Sigmund Freud, like Franz Boas, is shown to be a Gentile-hating Jew making war on bourgeois values through the use of pseudo-science. Like Boas, Freud provided no scientific evidence for any of his postulates. He also tolerated no dissent and liked to reinterpret critiques of his theories in terms of the psychosis of his critic. The chapter on the Frankfurt School of Social Research is instructively subtitled "The Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances." Translated into plain English, this means that if you look up to your parents, adopt their values and strive to emulate their example, you are in serious trouble - but only if you are a Gentile. If you are a Jew, such practices present no problem at all.


The famous book by Thomas Adorno, "The Authoritarian Personality," is shown to be pure sleight-of-hand - rather like Kinsey's famous report on sex. Its polling techniques and doctored conclusions would be a credit to the Gallup Poll. Professor MacDonald is explicit that all such efforts are political. They aim to wage war against Gentile society by labeling its values and practices "sick."


The final chapters deal with the New York Jewish "intellectual elite" who have foisted nonsense disguised as science on the American public. Some of the names will be familiar to the reader, others will not. Most of the names arise from a university milieu. The average reader of this review will have graduated long ago but he should remember that most people's ideas, for better or worse, are formed during their college years. Thanks to the influence of the charlatans who infest our universities, in most cases it has definitely been for the worse.


The next to last chapter, "Jewish Involvement in Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy", is the most significant in the book. Sixty pages of heavily documented information makes abundantly clear that almost from the date of their first arrival at Ellis Island, the Jewish organizations of New York have had a long standing, never-ceasing ambition to open the doors of America to every race on earth.


MacDonald demonstrates that there has never been any popular movement whatsoever to alter the basic white racial composition of the United States. The entire drive has come exclusively from Jewish pressure.


It is not possible in a short review to cover the entire history of Jewish immigration reform legislation. However, a few key points should be noted. The 1924 law, restricting immigration largely to the countries of western Europe, was never based on any notion of "Nordic Supremacy" - a lie which has been repeated ad nauseam by alien propagandists such as Stephen Jay Gould. The intent, rather, was to preserve the status quo as of 1890 and to prevent southern and eastern Europeans from swamping the Northern European natives. When the McCarran Act of 1951 was being debated in Congress, almost all the opposition came from the American Jewish Committee which cloaked its opposition by appeals to universal brotherhood and non-discrimination - rhetoric which persists to this day.


MacDonald astutely notes that at the same time the official Jewish defense organizations were trying to disassociate Jews with Communism in the public mind. The official Jewish line on immigration and the official CPUSA line were exactly the same! Students of Stalin's Soviet Constitution of 1936 and the U.N. Bill of Human Rights also know that they explicitly reject racial distinctions in the law!


One of the most appropriate statements on the real intent of the Jewish organizations in opposing the McCarran Act was made by Richard Arens:


***"One of the curious things about those who most loudly claim that the 1952 act is "discriminatory" and that it does not make allowance for a sufficient number of alleged refugees is that they oppose admission of any of the approximately one million Arab refugees in camps where they are living in pitiful circumstances after having been driven out of Israel."


(end of review)


"Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements" by Kevin McDonald, ISBN 0-275-96113-3, Praeger Publishers, 88 Post Road West, Westport, Connecticut 06881




Thought for the Day:


"For Eretz Israel, we have a charter that has been valid until now and that will always be valid, and that is the Bible, and not only the Bible . . . it all came from us; it was created among us."


(A.D. Gordon, one of the early philosophers of Labor Zionism, as quoted in a ***stunning*** article titled "Finally - Israelis Are Confronting the Myths of the Country's Founders" in the Washington Review on Middle East Affairs, December 1998)

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