albright.jpg Just as she lied to the American people about mass graves in Bosnia, Madeleine Albright lied to them when she said that she did not know that she was a Jew until she visited Czechoslovakia - Serbs in Belgrade who saved her from the Nazis know better, just ask them. The truth is that after her appointment as secretary she went back to "find her roots" so that she could reveal her identity before someone found out. Then she 'aplogized' to the American people for 'not knowing' before her appointment. She and other Jews in U.S government used lies fabricated by the media Jews control to make the Serbs pay for what Israel is doing to Muslims. A dossier on Albright is being translated into English and will soon be posted.

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Photo above: Madeleine Albright (middle) swimming with her parents in the river Sava near Belgrade, Serbia (an undated photo). Photo left: Madeleine Albright, then still Maria Jana Korbel, in the courtyard of the Czech Embassy in Belgrade with an unidentified boy; circa 1938.

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