4 May, 2007

A TSU ‘Education’ is Cheap, but is it Valuable?

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By Alex Linder

KIRKSVILLE – Truman State University has been designated by The Princeton Review as the nation’s No. 2 best value in the public sector.

The reason Truman keeps coming out near the top of this type of ranking is its low cost. TSU’s professors are no better than those elsewhere, and the ideology they serve no different. Cost is the main advantage to picking Truman over 1,000 other schools. That’s the cold fact of the matter.

The revelant question is not whether TSU is cheaper than other institutions, but whether the ‘education’ it offers is genuine – real learning as opposed to indoctrination. Only after we answer that first question can we begin to estimate whether the education can be acquired elsewhere for less; i.e., whether it truly is a value. Something rotten is too expensive at a dollar; something real might be underpriced at a million.


  • 3 Responses to “A TSU ‘Education’ is Cheap, but is it Valuable?”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      Yes, the essay is disgusting and most likely hypocritic. What a shame, to instill such garbage into the minds of racially-unaware White students. Anyway, thank you for the good article, Mr Linder.

    2. jack Says:

      Surely you didn’t think TSU would escape the poison, Alex? Every educational institution is infected, right down to the most obscure seminary or small-town agricultural college. I doubt if any despotism in history achieved such penetration of propaganda.

    3. Scott Says:

      Most of my profs (twenty plus years ago) were practically in love with the USSR, which soon killed off much of the intelectual class including University profs as soon as they seized power. And this was common knowledge. Would a retarded person vote for someone who advocated killing retards? Of course not, therefore my peers and I were educated by people with less common sense than retards. Also almost all profs are socialist, yet they never mention taking a cut in their huge salaries so as to lower tuition and help create a more egalitarian world. Verbal socialists are what they are. What a dumb bunch of ungrateful phonies.