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22 April, 2022

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Jordan Peterson is a smart guy, but he’s going down a rabbit hole by embracing the Judeo-Christian religion. That’s what got the West into this (egalitarian) mess in the first place! The idea that you “need” religion doesn’t work, because many good people are atheists. Peterson seems to be avoiding the fact that both Christianity […]

31 March, 2022

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If all humans are equal (as the liberals say), then why do “at least half of the entertainment giant’s characters” have to be “LGBTQIA or racial minorities”?? See what I mean? If all humans are “equal” then it wouldn’t matter anyway: White, Black, queer, straight, Brown, half-wit, midget — it wouldn’t matter. Equal people don’t […]

11 March, 2022

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Actually, since circa 1960, it’s been a war on White males! Let’s be specific: White males have been/are the target of the New Left. Because after all, it was White males who, historically: oppressed the sweet, innocent Indians and Africans; oppressed the sweet, innocent Jews; oppressed the sweet, innocent homosexuals, midgets, hippies and vegetarians; and […]

10 March, 2022

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“No one in his right mind is an egalitarian. The members of every tribe that will survive very long on this planet value the lives of their fellow tribesmen above the lives of those who are not members of the tribe. Judaism is a survival-oriented religion. Christianity is not.” — Dr. William Pierce, The “Peace […]

7 March, 2022

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Someone has been reading Marcuse! In fact, make that “lots of someones have been reading him”! Have you noticed that, in the past 5 years, the leftists have gone from demanding racial “equality” to demanding racial “equity”? Well, there’s a reason for that. It goes back to Marcuse. But first, some definitions: “Equality” means that […]

23 January, 2022

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All of the Jewish-controlled, “Western” democracies are making moves against Russia. They eventually want to “regime-change” Russia in order to make it “the America of the East” (e.g., Blacks, queers and Jews holding high positions in the government). Ever since the 1936-1937 Soviet purges, the Jews haven’t trusted Russia, so nobody else should either, say […]

24 October, 2021

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The whole “anti-racism” movement is fake. Just consider this “racial audit” baloney on Wall Street. It’s propaganda. It’s phony. It’s Cultural Marxism out of control. Look at it this way: On Monday, the Left says “a person’s race doesn’t matter! There’s only one race: the human race!” (trademark/copyright Klineberg [1]). But on Wednesday, the Left […]

22 September, 2021

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Lots of interesting information about IQ, feminism, human pair-bonding, ugliness, equality, witches, etc. For one thing, it seems that people with higher IQs embrace individualism more than lower-IQ people. Hmmmmm. Are people with Ph.D.s a threat to White Western culture?? Seems so. Zounds! […] “The true cause of the witch craze, then, was heightened group […]

19 September, 2021

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Democracy: when negroes and retards can vote. How is that a good thing? (Trivia: democracy, aka equalocracy, first appeared in ancient Greece, but then it vanished for many centuries. There must have been a reason for that! America was a White republic until about 1964 when suddenly negroes became human with the federal “civil rights” […]

3 September, 2021

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Fat, skinny, what’s the diff? Always early, always late, what’s the diff? Clean, dirty, what’s the diff? Winner, loser, what’s the diff? Well, there’s plenty of diff, as normal people know! (Trivia: today, constantly being early for appointments is called “being a nerd” — i.e., it’s a “bad” thing, it’s a “White” thing, it’s so […]