11 March, 2022

A War on White People? Well, Yes, But

Posted by Socrates in colonialism in Africa, colonialism in the New World, Cultural Marxism, culture of critique, egalitarianism, equality, human equality, War On White Males, War On White People at 2:25 pm | Permanent Link

Actually, since circa 1960, it’s been a war on White males! Let’s be specific: White males have been/are the target of the New Left. Because after all, it was White males who, historically: oppressed the sweet, innocent Indians and Africans; oppressed the sweet, innocent Jews; oppressed the sweet, innocent homosexuals, midgets, hippies and vegetarians; and so on and so forth. Those evil White men! How dare they oppress inferior freaks! Don’t they know that all humans are equal? What?? All humans aren’t equal??? Oh. Okay, then.


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