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22 March, 2022

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Given the fact that Whites invented the world, this seems ridiculous. We even gave them “democracy” and look what they did with it! [1]. You try to be nice and fair and give them “equality” but look what happens. They run it off a cliff: look at Baltimore. Look at Detroit and Atlanta. Give them […]

20 March, 2022

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Only an idiot would champion “democracy.” I mean, negroes and retards voting? Corrupt jerks in the Senate? Are you kidding? Why would anybody want that? Democracy is a total loser. Granted, America’s founders didn’t give us a democracy (they gave us a White republic), but America nonetheless morphed into a multicultural democracy circa 1964 with […]

3 March, 2022

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Democracy: also known as “Jewish democracy” (hat tip: Dr. Pierce) [1]. This means: the Jews control the media, the banks, the film industry, and anything else that helps them to multiply political force. The result is that the Jews control all the “chokepoints” in a democracy. It really is “Jewish democracy.” (The Bolsheviks did the […]

19 January, 2022

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After all, what is liberal democracy but communism in slow motion? America became a liberal democracy beginning in 1964 with the ushering-in of the illegal “civil rights” laws (America was formerly a White republic). The “civil rights” laws took away our property rights, our financial rights, our employment rights, and many of our speech and […]

9 January, 2022

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Liberal teacher #1: “On Jan. 6, 2021, our democracy was threatened!” Liberal teacher #2: “Yes! Right-wing extremists, who were under the influence of that evil fascist, Donald Trump, tried to take over the entire U.S. government! I’m still in therapy over the horrifying events of Jan. 6!” (*sob*). Liberal teacher #3: “First, the Holocaust, and […]

6 January, 2022

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“[D]emocracy is the preferred system because it gives the political power to those who own or control the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that power. “ — Dr. William Pierce, in the American Dissident Voices broadcast […]

15 December, 2021

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Leftist #1: “Our democracy is being threatened!” Leftist #2: “Oh, no! Blacks and retards won’t be able to vote for crooks who suck up to Israel!” Leftist #3: “Illegal aliens won’t be able to vote in NYC and L.A.! This is so un-American! It’s fascism! It’s Hitlerian!” [1]. Leftist #4: “This is anti-transgender Nazism! Transgender […]

5 November, 2021

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“Fascism is alive and well in America” says a Jewish actress [1]. It is?? Great!! Where is this fascism? In Virginia? Where is it at, exactly? (But I thought fascists were anti-democratic?? Mussolini certainly was) [2]. [Article]. . . [1] Rosanna Arquette has a Jewish mother, making her a Jew under Jewish religious law (i.e., […]

19 September, 2021

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Democracy: when negroes and retards can vote. How is that a good thing? (Trivia: democracy, aka equalocracy, first appeared in ancient Greece, but then it vanished for many centuries. There must have been a reason for that! America was a White republic until about 1964 when suddenly negroes became human with the federal “civil rights” […]

4 May, 2021

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A very bad thing about democracy is that it treats everyone as “equal” even when they’re not equal. (In fact, there’s no such thing as human equality. Humans vary greatly in ability, IQ, strengths/weaknesses, etc.). Consider the rock group The Who (which apparently is still intact/not disbanded). By far, the most musically talented man in […]