19 January, 2022

The New Global Threat is Not Communism but Liberal Egalitarian Democracy

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After all, what is liberal democracy but communism in slow motion? America became a liberal democracy beginning in 1964 with the ushering-in of the illegal “civil rights” laws (America was formerly a White republic). The “civil rights” laws took away our property rights, our financial rights, our employment rights, and many of our speech and assembly rights. As if the federal government has a right to tell you who you will hire, or rent a house to. As if!

After throwing off the yoke of communism, the last thing the Russians want is negroes and trannies in the Russian government. I’d be worried about America if I were a Russian. Yikes! Negro Army generals for Russia: double-yikes! Jews controlling everything the Russians see and hear: triple-yikes! (Of course, the Russians remember the Bolshevik era, when that actually happened).

This sick ideology (liberal egalitarian democracy, aka, Cultural Marxism, but not economic Marxism…yet) is the new threat to the world. (Those who doubt that the West is now under Cultural Marxist occupation need only turn on the TV or read a newspaper or magazine) [1]. Rainbow flags will soon hang from every flagpole, at every school, at every workplace, in every country, or else! Parliaments will contain at least 20 trannies each, or else! And, everyone will be hired, or fired, or serviced or not, according to their Social Credit score. Did you engage in bad-think online? So sorry! No health insurance for you, and no auto repairs, and no grocery deliveries, either.



[1] Cultural Marxism can be defined as: Society being re-engineered from the top down (and not the bottom up) based upon one thing: “equality” (or, these days, “equity”). The fact that human equality is impossible to achieve makes no difference to the Cultural Marxists; their hatred of White Western culture is so great that they’re willing to destroy entire countries in order to take revenge on the people who built Western culture: “evil White males”

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