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3 June, 2017

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Maybe if the Europeans hadn’t been brainwashed with decades of Judeo-Left propaganda (e.g., Holocaust and Hitler baloney), they’d be more receptive to nationalism [1]. By the way, job #1 for electing White nationalist candidates in the Western countries is: discontinue the female vote. Most women don’t like nationalism because it’s “mean-spirited” (but they love puppies, […]

29 April, 2017

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White nationalists vs. antifa: [Here].

2 March, 2017

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Can you believe that Western culture has reached the point where people ask “What is race?” Race is real. It’s genetic. It’s the human group that you belong to: White, Black, Asian, etc.[1]. Your race is your nation. Unless you are of mixed race. Then you’re just confused: you don’t know which group you belong […]

2 September, 2016

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“We need a system of enforceable world law” — said the late TV news icon Walter Cronkite. Sure, you wanted that, Cronkite, because “a system of world law” cancels out nationalism and sovereignty! Right, Walter?? It’s left-wing, enforced, heavy-handed internationalism; in other words, communism. Well, the UN tried the One World thing, but it didn’t […]

8 May, 2016

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I’ve heard this basic argument before. It goes: “when you’re trying to convince someone, don’t use logic. People aren’t moved by logic. Use emotion and the old ‘smear-by-association’ tactic instead.” But to me it’s a little more complicated than that, since the Left/Right playing field is uneven from the get-go. Leftist/liberal ideas often appeal to […]

25 April, 2016

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I propose a new name for nationalism: naturalism. Why? Because it fits perfectly. Thinking and acting racially is completely natural. It’s not “strange” or “motley” or weird or controversial. It’s as normal as breathing or eating. Not thinking racially? Now that’s strange and unnatural. [Article].

20 February, 2016

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Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary tonight. Good. Why? Because: Rubio? An “Establishment Man” who will do nothing for Whites. Cruz? Same. Hillary Clinton? Same. Sanders? You must be joking. Only Trump can turn back the brown tide, and thinking Whites know this. Is Trump the ideal man? Nope, but he’ll do until […]

3 January, 2016

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1. Globaloney: Globalism Wrecks Nations and It Must Stop Globalism (here meaning the practice of a country, or countries, acting internationally instead of locally or regionally [i.e., acting politically, militarily or economically]) is very harmful to the world’s unique cultures. Indeed, it ruins the world’s cultures. Slowly but surely, globalism will make the world into […]

18 June, 2015

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Did a “White racist” commit the church shooting in South Carolina? [Article].

28 May, 2015

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It looks like the National Alliance may be in better legal standing than was previously reported, according to NA leader Will Williams: [Forum post].