14 February, 2022

On Alfred Rosenberg and Race

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(Newbies, Alfred Rosenberg [of Baltic German, French, Estonian and Latvian descent] was the chief racial theorist for the NSDAP/National Socialists in Hitler’s Germany. He was hanged by the “allies” for writing a book called “The Myth of the 20th Century”).

I generally agree with Rosenberg, although I am not at all an expert on the NSDAP.

It seems that Rosenberg took racial things deeper than anyone else had taken them previously; he made the issue of race metaphysical, spiritual, sacred, above-all-else; to Rosenberg, Whiteness was not just genetic but soul-oriented, and I agree: it is! “Soul” here is not used in the Christian religious sense but in “the spiritual core of your being” sense. Your spiritual “aura” or “awareness,” you might say. The “innate feeling of who you are and what you should be.” Rosenberg felt that art could reveal the “race soul” of the person creating the art. A German, for example, would produce different art than a Mexican, due to their different “race souls.” True, it seems.

Rosenberg did have a few whacky ideas about Christianity. Regardless, White people should have nothing to do with any type of Christianity. Avoid it altogether.

Rosenberg said that Whites have a different “race soul” than Blacks, Browns and Jews. If you doubt this, compare Germany with the Congo or Mexico: notice the very different attitudes about everything from art and architecture to food to romance. Whites and non-Whites are very different in every way, and the differences come from deep within them. A White man looks at a beautiful Rembrandt painting and he feels warm and fuzzy all over. He might even get misty-eyed and offer up a tear on his cheek. A negro looks at the same Rembrandt painting and he feels nothing at all. He just grunts, scratches his balls and says, “I’m hungry. Let’s go get some fried chicken!” Negroes lack depth. They “live for the moment” and are easily distracted by food or sex. (Do they even have race souls? I mean, how would you even measure that? Maybe they just copy other Blacks and they don’t have race souls per se).

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