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5 September, 2021

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Rock musician Eric Clapton talks about the horrors of getting “the Covid jab.” It didn’t go well. He also talks about how the Covid-19 situation is media-driven. Indeed, Covid-19 may be the first solely-media-driven disease in Western history. Question: why is the largely-Jewish media driving a disease? Hmmm? Is that its job? To drive diseases? […]

3 September, 2021

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Fat, skinny, what’s the diff? Always early, always late, what’s the diff? Clean, dirty, what’s the diff? Winner, loser, what’s the diff? Well, there’s plenty of diff, as normal people know! (Trivia: today, constantly being early for appointments is called “being a nerd” — i.e., it’s a “bad” thing, it’s a “White” thing, it’s so […]

27 August, 2021

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“No one is transgender” — a Catholic bishop in Virginia. Of course, he’s right. A human cannot change his sex, any more than he can change his race. But why did this bishop, and others, wait so long to speak out about the total fraud of “transgenderism”? Where were they 10 years ago when the […]

11 August, 2021

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Instead of being neutral about racial matters, scientists are shocked and scared that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can recognize race. That speaks volumes about modern scientists. It’s as if they want to not discover racial things! Which is, of course, the case, because they know that racial matters are taboo in the West since circa the […]

5 August, 2021

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(Above: the real Hitler: a kind animal lover who didn’t want war. But powerful globalist Jews like Bernard Baruch had other ideas. Baruch was 90% to blame for WWII. He gave orders to F.D. Roosevelt, not vice-versa) [1]. . “An illustration of the power of propaganda provided by Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown […]

1 August, 2021

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(For newbies, mainly) No, the biggest problem in the world isn’t global warming. Or Islam. Or fried food. If you don’t know what the biggest problem in the world is, it’s good that you’re reading this, because I’ll tell you what it is. There’s a place called the West. It’s a region in the world. […]

5 July, 2021

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Rifles aren’t required in this war. Totalitarianism isn’t physical nearly as much as it is psychological. Regardless of Hannah Arendt’s Jewishness, this article makes a good point. Our overlords are trying to “take the spirit out of Whitey forever.” To make Whitey feel like “there’s no hope, no chance of returning to normal.” Most Whites […]

22 June, 2021

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Newbies: nationalism is not patriotism. A nation is “a group of people who are alike” (such as the Japanese). Patriotism is loyalty to a country, which can contain 6 or 7 different nations, such as America (i.e., Black, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Jewish, White). Multiculturalism is a loser. There’s nothing to unite the people under multiculturalism. […]

11 June, 2021

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(Above: gypsies in Russia). Seen: a 1960s movie featuring gypsies in it. The gypsies were, of course, featured in a positive way. They always are. They’re never portrayed negatively. The glorification of the gypsy has been going on in America since at least 1941 with the Hollywood horror movie “The Wolfman” starring Lon Chaney, Jr. […]

8 June, 2021

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America’s cause/role in the world? How about “as the biggest and most powerful country in the West, and as the last bastion of real freedom, our goal must be to preserve the Western world using every possible tool at our disposal.” [1]. How about that? We are the most powerful Western country. We have (had?) […]