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21 July, 2018

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Q: “Why do you liberals want to destroy the West?” A: “Well, our standard excuse is: ‘Because White people, especially White males, are evil. They’ve oppressed people for centuries. They have all the power.’ But that sounds sort of funny when you think about it, huh? I mean, as if we liberals haven’t oppressed people! […]

2 October, 2017

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Whenever a mass shooting happens, the media unnecessarily makes it 24/7 news for 3 weeks. Then later, the media seems surprised when another crazed chuckle-head (Woody Woodpecker laugh) goes on a shooting spree. News flash: the crazed chuckle-heads (another Woody Woodpecker laugh) got their spree ideas largely from the Jewsmedia. Bottom line: the media is […]

4 July, 2017

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Who leads it? Surprise: Jews, such as this guy, Rep. Raskin, who is also a member of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus – of course! Apparently, Trump’s harsh criticism of the crooked, Jewish media means that he’s mentally “unfit” to be president (actually, it’s just the opposite: that harsh criticism shows that Trump is sane […]

5 November, 2016

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Father: “What’s new, son?” Son: “Well, there was no school today, so I watched TV.” Father: “Really? What did you watch?” Son: “I watched 122 auto insurance commercials, 103 pharmaceutical drug commercials, 99 accident-lawyer commercials, 136 mixed-race-couple commercials, 97 borrow-money-now commercials, and 148 stupid-White-guy commercials.” Father: “Why don’t you play sports instead of watching the […]

8 May, 2016

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I’ve heard this basic argument before. It goes: “when you’re trying to convince someone, don’t use logic. People aren’t moved by logic. Use emotion and the old ‘smear-by-association’ tactic instead.” But to me it’s a little more complicated than that, since the Left/Right playing field is uneven from the get-go. Leftist/liberal ideas often appeal to […]

27 December, 2015

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The National Alliance’s famous essay “Who Rules America?” is very important. It can change minds – it certainly changed mine. But sadly, the essay has not been updated since about 2004 – that’s a long time to go without an update. Well, why not help update it, all of you WNs out there? Read the […]

7 August, 2015

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The media bias against Donald Trump is increasing. According to the media, he performed poorly in Thursday’s political debates. But that’s not true. He didn’t perform poorly. I find it interesting that even the “conservative” media is treating Trump like he’s a threat to humanity. Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the cuckservative media just as worried […]

25 February, 2015

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Will Williams: regarding this thread at VNN Forum, can you make the “Who Rules America?” essay available at the new NA website? I don’t see any version of that essay there now.

13 February, 2015

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Jewish Hollywood is going beyond “gay” characters on TV. Now, there are “transgender” characters. (Actually, the word “transgender” is incorrect, since it’s impossible for humans to change their biological sex. A male who “becomes” a female still has male sex chromosomes). [Article].

8 February, 2015

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Shootings are common in America. But mass shootings were uncommon until rather recently. Why are there so many mass shootings today? One reason is that many people in America feel disconnected and lost. Alienated. They don’t feel like they’re a part of a unified community. And one reason for those feelings of alienation is multiculturalism. […]