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1 September, 2021

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This is Reed’s second essay about the Jews being not-bad-people. Maybe he should get out more often. Name a bad thing, in the entire world, and the odds are good that the Jews were/are behind it, e.g., communism and socialism [1]. “The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into […]

13 August, 2021

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Seen on the TV last night: so many negroes that I thought, for a brief moment, that I had been magically transported to the Congo. Have you wondered why, since 2017, there are negroes all over your TV screen? That’s because powerful Jews in NYC and L.A. are scared. They want to lessen White nationalism […]

26 July, 2021

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Go to your refrigerator and look inside. Examine the ketchup, mustard and pickle containers. You will see that they all have a little kosher (meaning “fit”) symbol on them, usually on the front label — a “U” or a “K” for example. That little symbol means that the food is “okay for Jews to eat.” […]

18 July, 2021

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When the Swine Flu (also called H1N1 flu) hit America in Spring 2009, the media said almost nothing about it, even though it killed thousands of people pretty quickly. On June 11, the World Health Organization declared Swine Flu a pandemic. Contrast that to Covid-19 in early 2020 (then called the Coronavirus). The media hysteria […]

7 June, 2021

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How arrogant! First, the kosher symbol, and now the eruv — or is it the other way around? Anyway, the Jews always get special treatment in the White countries. (How come we never hear about “Jewish privilege”??). “Many readers may not appreciate that there is literally a Jewish religious metal wire, running overhead in many […]

8 May, 2021

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by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. “Anyone who has spent even a short time battling against the Judeocracy has surely experienced the frustration of attempting to persuade a trusted friend or colleague of the gravity of the situation—only to fail. This is undoubtedly one of the most discouraging and troubling aspects of those who take up the […]

6 May, 2021

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“The War on Whites is moving to a higher level — fast. Signs are everywhere; they are undeniable. First and foremost, understand and accept that this is happening. For many, there will be no escape. If you are White and don’t yet grasp what is happening, quickly find out from someone who does. Lives will […]

16 April, 2021

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It’s possible that crypto-currency will kill off a good portion of Jewish financial power (mainly the control of the money supply of the Western world, such as America’s “Federal” Reserve bank, which is actually a private entity with stockholders. Strangely, it has a “.gov” URL! Sneaky!). But what if Western governments ban crypto-currency by law? […]

8 April, 2021

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Today, you will speak “PC” and “Cultural Marxism” or you will be fired. Says who? Says the powers that be (usually, Jews or people who take orders from Jews). Jews don’t like free speech — someone could tell the truth about them. Oy, veh! [Article].

7 April, 2021

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This ammo shortage is getting bad. And very suspicious. It began circa March 2020 but should have leveled off to normal by now. Which Jewish billionaire is buying up all the ammo in America so that “right-wing fascists” can’t buy any? Is it you, George? Hmmm? Maybe it’s more than one Jew. Maybe it’s several. […]