25 October, 2021

White Philosophy: Thoughts on the Jews

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This is about Jews as a non-White, ethnic/racial group. Not as a religion [1].

Is every Jew in the world an evil person? Probably not (although, not being a Jew, it’s hard for me to know what thoughts course through a Jew’s brain).

However, having said that, Jews have a nasty and historic habit of “thinking as a group.” In other words, if “Jew X, the politician” is working hard to wreck America, then the “Jewish community” of America is supporting him by a percentage of about 97%. In other words, almost all of the Jews are supporting him. Today, the Jews have a word for “the Jews of the world working together in concert”: sayanim (meaning “the helpers”). It’s a network of Jews worldwide: government employees in Britain, police officers in Germany, clerks in the motor vehicle department in France, congressmen in America, etc. That network works to safeguard Israel’s interests, at the expense of White interests. That network is anti-White by default. If you are a sayan, Israel comes first and above all else and screw the White countries. (Note: “Israel” means not only the country of Israel, but “all of the Jews on earth”).

Bottom line: the Jews, as a people, are the enemy of White Western culture. All Jews must be regarded as sayanim.


[1] Jews are not genetically White, although they do have “white” skin. They are actually half-Arab mongrels.

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