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5 February, 2022

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The Jewish doctor of bullshit, psychologist Sigmund Freud (aka Sigmund Fraud; 1856-1939) was very important to the Jews, because he made millions of White people unsure of themselves and their surroundings. He made them question their worldview and even question reality itself [1][2]. That went a long way towards de-stabilizing the White Western world. Yes, […]

11 August, 2014

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In his must-read 1994 book “The Sacred Chain: the History of the Jews,” the late Jewish author Norman F. Cantor lists the nine Jews who, during the 20th century, changed Western thought forever. It’s a good list. I will list the names which Cantor mentions here, but I will also include one name that Cantor […]

3 September, 2012

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Surprise: it seems that “doctors” who belong to a tribe of genetically-defective, immoral people – people who, among other things, invented racism – head-shrunk Hitler from afar, without ever meeting him! There’s that chutzpah. (The British author Yeats-Brown, who actually met Hitler, had a more-or-less positive opinion of the Führer, even though Yeats-Brown was a […]

18 November, 2011

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Communism, socialism, feminism, queer rights, civil rights, psychoanalysis, cultural anthropology, modern art — is there any leftist movement that hasn’t been pioneered/led by Jews? [Article]. and [Article].

28 March, 2010

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(above: Dr. Sigmund Freud, a.k.a. Fraud) Jewish expert #1: “He has a syndrome. I’ll call it W.” Jewish expert #2: “He has a complex. I’ll call it X.” Jewish expert #3: “He has a disorder. I’ll call it Y.” Jewish expert #4: “He has a phobia. I’ll call it Z.” Gentile: “Oh, my God. I’ve […]

17 September, 2009

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With the Jews, why is everything about either money or poop? Here’s the quote: (Cuddihy is talking about Jewish psychiatrist/psychotherapist “Fritz” Perls, the coiner of the term “Gestalt Therapy”) who “…goes on to distinguish three classes of verbiage production in his therapy sessions: chickenshit…bullshit…elephantshit…” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss […]

4 August, 2009

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Video games don’t “reflect diversity”? Maybe Jewish psychoanalysts can help the beaners later on in life: [Article].