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30 August, 2018

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Sound the trumpets: VNN founder Alex Linder is back in top form! He talks with Jan (who’s in South Africa) about the FBI, White activism and other things. Duration of radio show is approx. 2 hours. [Here].

10 August, 2018

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New writings from VNN founder Alex Linder. He is reviving Kirksville Today.

10 December, 2016

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[…] “Good points are that these men (National Socialists) had the balls to say and do the necessary. This I think is less due to NS than German culture generally. They are more serious than we in Anglo lands, and less driven/distracted by personality than we are. Everything in Anglo lands is glad-handing, lying and […]

2 November, 2014

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All websites need money, even this one. [VNN Forum thread].

27 October, 2013

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“Hello. Our quarterly bill is due in a couple weeks. WE COULD REALLY USE DONATIONS THIS QUARTER. This is the most expensive quarter, as the ancillaries (urls, POB, etc) come due as well. So if you can help out, I am asking you to do so. VNN’s continued existence is NOT predicated on your support, […]

2 May, 2013

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“We got a bill coming due in two weeks. Donations would be greatly appreciated. Great thanks to those of you who contribute regularly, some of whom barely even post. I very much want to tell you it IS appreciated. It brings peace of mind, and that is important. There are a lot of headaches and […]

26 July, 2012

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Alex wrote: As I said, will do these quarterly. We have a bill coming up middle of August, I really could use your help. Notice that heroic Varg has got the server tweaked to run much more quickly! I’m looking to raise 300k. Wait. I think I got the wrong number there. Yep. I’m actually […]

6 July, 2009

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“For example, Vanguard News Network, a web site that opposes Jews, immigration, and miscegenation (among many other things), currently has a link to a blog post by Bradley Smith, whose modus operandi is publishing advertisements in college newspapers asking for proof of Auschwitz gas chambers. Given that Smith, a White man from Los Angeles, is […]

13 May, 2009

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I’ve added a new media feature to An Audio & Video directory for WN content Links on the right panel under “VNN Video” and “VNN Music” —> Check out the Category “Anti-White Propaganda” which documents Ads on the televitz which portray Whites in a negative light thanks to jewish control

3 March, 2009

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Go ahead, grab a cold one and sit back for the show This Tuesday Mark will be joined by the one and only Todd from the sunny (and Jew infested) state of Florida Topics we will cover are: 1. The current state of our Western World. 2. Steps we need to take to take back […]