8 October, 2020

The Jane Fonda Quote: Was It All Just a Coincidence? Or Was It a Cohencidence?

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You can usually count on Jane Fonda to say something outrageous — she’s done it many times. Now she is saying that “the coronavirus is God’s gift to the left.”

But that Fonda quote raises a question.

First, America experienced the Russia Collusion Hoax in 2019 (which didn’t succeed in removing Donald Trump from office).

Then right after that came the Great Impeachment Circus in late 2019 (and that didn’t remove Trump from office either).

Then right after that came the Big Coronavirus/Covid-19 Scare (but that didn’t work much against Trump either).

Then came months of coordinated rioting, looting and burning in the big cities, which began overnight (but that didn’t work either).

Then came a virtual tsunami of “Black Lives Matter” propaganda — indeed, it was a propaganda record for the history books: on every TV network, in every magazine and every newspaper, on billboards coast-to-coast, on T-shirts and on yard signs, Blacks became innocent, wonderful and even god-like, and, correspondingly, there came a giant wave of attacks on White people in the West (both verbal and physical attacks; all White people are now classified as evil creeps who support returning to slavery and who support “White supremacy”; so are all cops evil now — even though some cops are Black and Hispanic).

Then, Trump actually got Covid-19 (but that didn’t work either; much to the dismay of the Left, Trump survived Covid and he’s still in office).

Here is the question: was all of that above just natural happenstance? All of those things occurring in a string, one after the other: was all of that just a coincidence? I wonder. I normally don’t believe in giant conspiracy theories, but now, I do believe in Cohencidences.

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