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29 December, 2021

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Seen: TV commercials featuring Black people with dogs. Funny! Nice try! Black people hate dogs. I’ve known Blacks in my life and none of them had a dog. Blacks are not “dog people.” [1]. The Madison Avenue yids are trying to “Whiten” and “normalize” Black people. But it won’t work on people who know Blacks. […]

24 October, 2021

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This article brings to mind a good point about comedy: ever since the TV comedy shows “The Smothers Brothers” and “Laugh-In” circa 1967, comedy has been political [1]. Prior to that, comedy wasn’t political. The Jews and the Left politicize everything today; as their power grew in the 1960s, they began to politicize more and […]

17 February, 2018

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“Underlying the billions of dollars spent to make this propaganda a reality there is the assumption that there is something wrong, even psychologically diseased, about a White man and a White woman marrying and having White children. Since the Black nuclear family, however, is nearly extinct with 70 percent of Black children raised in single-parent […]

2 February, 2010

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Nurse: “Doctor, this man has a fever, he’s sweating profusely, and he keeps mumbling something about ‘babies in Port-au-Prince.’” Doctor: “Oh, my God. He’s got Haiti Hysteria!” Nurse: “Can you cure him?” Doctor: “I don’t know. Haiti Hysteria is a serious disease.” Nurse: “How do you think he got it?” Doctor: “He probably got it […]

22 January, 2010

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Seen: a TV show in which a child talks back to his parents in a sharp manner – in a manner that you wouldn’t have seen back in 1980. That reflects real life: kids are more snotty towards adults today and that coincides with the increased Jewing of American culture via Hollywood. (In Jewish households, […]

23 December, 2009

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Latest twist in ‘reality’ shows: same-ethnic group house. In this case guidos convening to party on the boardwalk.  The guidos, while sad and demented, but social, are at least a cultural subset, happy in their proclivities, with pride. An NYT kike blogs about the show and the type, a professor responds: I teach Italian at […]

18 December, 2009

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“FIREFLY,”  WN Sci-Fi reviewed by Stephen Clark ‘Take my love/take my land/ take me where I cannot stand/ Burn the land/ boil the sea/ you cannot take the sky from me.’ This was the opening theme to FIREFLY, a boot camp/cowboy song with fiddles and guitars instead of electronic music. In 2002, FIREFLY was a […]

6 November, 2009

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Forget marijuana and cocaine. Are they under the influence of Jews? Maybe you should unplug the electronic Hebrew while there’s still time… [VNN Forum thread].

19 August, 2009

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Jewish TV producer Don Hewitt is dead; he was the man behind the news program “60 Minutes” for decades. Given that that show was one of the most popular in television history, it could be said that Hewitt played a big role in the shaping of American opinions and attitudes. Trivia: Dr. William Pierce was […]

10 August, 2009

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