24 October, 2021

Alec Baldwin and Comedy Today

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This article brings to mind a good point about comedy: ever since the TV comedy shows “The Smothers Brothers” and “Laugh-In” circa 1967, comedy has been political [1]. Prior to that, comedy wasn’t political.

The Jews and the Left politicize everything today; as their power grew in the 1960s, they began to politicize more and more areas of our White culture. Now, food and pets are political. Nearly everything is political. Now they want to rename telescopes and planets if they are named after “offensive” people. Now your social media posts can get you fired or assaulted. You can blame Jews first and liberals second for that trend.

As for Baldwin: gentile Hollywood hates Donald Trump because Jewish Hollywood hates Trump, i.e., if Jewish Hollywood loved Trump, then Baldwin and DeNiro and the rest would be singing praises to him on TV. They take their cues from the media bosses — perhaps even subconsciously.



[1] Re: Laugh-In: “The show was characterized by a rapid-fire series of gags and sketches, many of which were politically charged or contained sexual innuendo.” — Wikipedia, Oct. 2021. Contrast that to Hee-Haw, a country-themed “copy” of Laugh-In, which wasn’t political.

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