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27 June, 2020

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Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards the American Indians? To some degree at least. Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards Black people? To some degree at least. But, then again, here’s the rub: Not only was The United States of America founded as a White republic, but, more importantly, […]

5 February, 2013

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(Canned TV laughter: Ha-ha! Giggle! Hoo-hoo! ) A top U.S. government official urges people not to call illegal immigrants “illegal.” (Ha-ha!) [Article].

2 March, 2009

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But there’s no laugh track. The war on Israel’s enemies has called a soldier gal back to active duty, and her kids are joining her: [Article].

29 March, 2007

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Funny. Found on blog while searching Michael Ray Richardson (post below)… Hey Benito, did you know that Carlos Mencia’s real name is Ned Holness?? And he’s not even Mexican, hes like german/honduran?? I used to like him but I’ll never watch anything that dirty fucking stealing faker ever puts out again. We did know he […]

1 August, 2006

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I’ve read most comedians’ books. This one is very disappointing. Mohr’s a real wit but there’s none of it displayed here. Mohr’s a non-jew, actually comes off quite Aryan in the book, much more than some of the characters he’s played. He’s excels at playing jew producers, think small and deceitful; he also does great […]

6 April, 2006

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[A good one from Dirty Debbie, who does Detroit, if little else, well. Here she picks up on the latest farce involving intelligent glasses perched on a well paid nigger. He’s as incompetent as his 40-snogging brother, but in AmeriKwa you can’t go wrong if you’re descended from the duly purchased.] Hilarious: Major Investment Co. […]

1 April, 2006

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[Kike kiking kikily on kikes. Thank god the campuses are finally opening to intellectual diversity. Our stellar Hebrew says earlocks should hang 8 and 3/4. Your putrid sheeny says 8 and 1/2. Let us throng the goyim to the Irving Shmalz-Himmelmann Metatorium and ratiocinate lucidulously. Discourse in AmeriKwa is so many yiddles nattering amongst themselves, […]

31 March, 2006

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[If you want to see a jew being a jew, this is the video. The fact that it’s funny and targeted at Mexicans – well, let’s just say there are two reasons to appreciate this hilarious clip.] Dear La Voz de Aztlan Subscribers: We have received quite a lot of e-mail with information concerning Ari […]

24 March, 2006

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[Little Green Footballs, a prominent Ashkenazi-appeaser site, expresses deep concern about a black comedian in France who doesn’t like jews. Seems that’s all the rage with the audience, these days. Goyim making fun of jews is like jews making fun of, say, French. Except it’s not funny and you must never, ever do it. Why […]

24 March, 2006

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[Latest “spare no one but organized jews” comedy, from MTV. Hollywood has operated off the same worn-through stock of stereotypes for fifty years. The promise of White media is adding some new ones that reflect reality, such as the lying, ugly kike (Take Alan Dershowitz. Please.), the uncool nigger, the noble Southerner, the good German, […]