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26 January, 2022

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Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a federal crime in America. So why is it happening daily?? “By Tuesday afternoon Bill Melugin said at least 4 large groups of (illegal) military-aged males were released into the interior of the United States.” [Article].

13 January, 2022

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Where’s America’s southern border wall, Dementia Joe? Hmmmm? This is just more bullshit from the “Biden Administration.” News quote: “The Biden administration built a concrete security wall around the White House this week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary.” [Article].

5 December, 2021

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Old saying: “whenever someone uses euphemisms, ask yourself: why is he using them?” Such as: Government Official: “Your brother wasn’t shot to death. That’s just a rumor spread by right-wing conspiracy theorists.” You: “Then how did he die?” Government Official: “Uhhhh…he suffered a ballistically-induced aperture which caused exsanguination.” You: “So he bled to death from […]

26 October, 2021

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Seen on the web: a White guy saying: “I live in Northern Mexico, in a place called Houston, Texas.”

25 October, 2021

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Every Mexican illegal alien is guilty of felony child abuse, if they have children. The illegal aliens either 1) bring their small children with them when they sneak across the U.S. southern border; or 2) allow their children to travel alone to the border, where they then sneak in without mommy or daddy. Either way, […]

6 October, 2021

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Vaccines are mankind’s silly attempts to “play God” according to many Christian people (e.g., Calvinists). So why would the Catholics embrace Covid-19 vaccines? But then again, why not? The “new” Catholic Church has already embraced massive non-White immigration into the West, and it embraced “climate change” baloney, too, so the church might as well go […]

25 August, 2021

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Our leaders are supposed to protect and secure the border, not open the border to illegal aliens! Here are the two main, federal laws that illegal aliens routinely violate, with the help of our “leaders” in Washington, D.C. These are laws, not merely suggestions. 1. “Illegal Entry” (8 U.S.C. § 1325) makes it a crime […]

5 August, 2021

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If Covid-19 were a “dangerous disease” with “deadly variants” that “threaten all of America” then why would the federal government release, into America, thousands of illegal aliens in McAllen, Texas who had tested positive for Covid, including 1,500 such aliens in the past week alone? (according to a Fox news reporter on August 4, 2021). […]

29 June, 2021

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California is a state run entirely by liberals. When your state is controlled by liberals, there are no adults in charge. Because liberals are children in adult bodies. They don’t think logically. Liberals should never be allowed to hold public office. “Even though the state’s tattered electric grid can barely meet existing demand – and […]

19 December, 2020

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A guy called into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show the other day. He went on a rant about how he hates conservatives. He called conservatives “do-nothings” who “sit on their hands” all day. He’s right. Conservatives, as we know them today, are do-nothings. They sit around and watch as America-the-White-republic implodes. Think of politics as a […]