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6 March, 2020

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Why does a country have borders if they are “open”? If that’s the situation, why have borders at all? (Indeed, why does your yard have a fence?).

6 June, 2019

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From someone: “By the time they build the wall everybody in Mexico will already be here.”

21 February, 2019

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The political Left already controls many of the “big-electoral-votes” states [1]; just a few more states and they’ll own American politics for the following 50 years. Beginning circa 2028, liberals will rule American politics via electoral votes in the national elections. Despite Donald Trump’s election victory, it will happen, barring some freak event. Here are […]

12 August, 2018

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Indeed. Without strong borders, countries and cultures disappear (and that’s the whole idea. In other words: one world, one people, one currency, no races, no genders, everybody is equal, etc. Also known as Marxism, global citizenship, world citizenship, or The Coming of Universal Brown Man) [1][2]. Good slogan/meme. [Here]. . [1] “Our schools are controlled […]

28 September, 2017

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“If a government does not enforce national borders, that government ceases to fulfill its function as a guardian of the collective property rights of the entire community.” — James Kirkpatrick. That is right. For example, if you own property in Arizona near the Mexican border, and you decide to sell it, guess what: you’ll never […]

26 July, 2014

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This sheriff raises an important issue about terrorists possibly coming into America from Mexico. If the threat of terrorism is so real, and if al-Crapola really exists and isn’t just a phantom (created to justify American Zionism), why is the U.S./Mexico border nearly wide-open? Why isn’t border security a top priority for the U.S. government? […]

9 May, 2011

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That’s excellent news. Maybe the other border states will do it, too. [Article].

15 April, 2011

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America: sinking almost as fast as the Titanic. Dr. William Luther Pierce said that, one day, even the stupidest people will realize that something is very wrong with America. That day doesn’t seem far off, does it? [Article].

7 January, 2011

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The federal government could seal the southern border if it really wanted to. But it would rather spend your tax dollars on wars in the Middle East in order to make that region safer for Israel: [Article].

30 December, 2009

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Look at what happens when you try to enforce the law in America, especially immigration law. By the way, what’s a “human right”? [Article].