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5 November, 2021

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The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has handed down a Covid-19 workplace mandate, just like the communists used to do in the Soviet Union. The new Marxist health rule, under an “Emergency Temporary Standard,” reads, in part (my comments are in bold text): “As published, the rule affects employers with […]

26 September, 2021

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This video makes some good points, e.g., if everything economic is local (and not federal/country-wide), the federal government can’t control the citizens. Localize everything and then the federal government will have great difficulty controlling the citizens (“doing things at scale” [big] vs. “not at scale” [small]). Also, a good point about central currency. [Video, 15 […]

29 May, 2021

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How great can a vaccine be if you must use force and bribery to “persuade” citizens to get it? (As time goes on, more and more problems with the Covid-19 vaccine are appearing, e.g., 18 teenagers were just hospitalized in Connecticut with heart inflammation after getting “the Covid jab.” And why are teens getting “the […]

4 May, 2021

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“When justice no longer involves the neutral or equal application of the laws, it ceases to be justice. I realize, of course, that there will be no FBI reform under Biden. Therefore, I strongly urge the Republican Party to make the abolition of the FBI—shutting down the agency and then reconstructing it from the ground […]

10 February, 2021

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Is that what the law says? PUBLIC LAW 116–121—MAR. 3, 2020 “PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION ENHANCEMENT ACT OF 2019” An Act To amend the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 to improve the orderly transfer of the executive power during Presidential transitions. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America […]

29 January, 2021

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Circa 1990, the police raided a retail store in my city. It seems that the owners of the store were holding $500-per-pot poker games in the back room at night. This was called “sinful” and “corrupting” and so forth. A dozen people were arrested, old people were man-handled, etc. The store was closed for some […]

8 October, 2020

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Each time, the standard, anti-White FBI plan goes like this: an undercover FBI informant joins — at the urging of the FBI — a White, militia/Nazi group. Then, the informant persuades the group members to commit “X” and “Y” illegal actions, and then the FBI swoops in and arrests the White guys. Each time. Same […]

31 August, 2020

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I’ve been using the term “the Insurrection of 2020” lately because it basically fits the current, riotous situation in America. But a much more accurate term would be “The Ongoing War on White Normal” (OWWN). In other words, it’s a de facto race war led by Blacks and anti-White Marxists, a war against normal, everyday, […]

19 July, 2020

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As long as the whole country is still Black-Jesusing the late Black idiot Rep. John Lewis, consider this about “civil rights”: You know that old saying: “never assume, because when you do, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”? Get it? It’s funny, but it’s true. Never assume anything. The wrongly-named, fake, weaponized […]

13 July, 2020

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Remember when White, male, conservative judges ruled America? Well, those days are long gone. The Other is now in charge (i.e., Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, mulattoes, Marxists, women, queers, trannies, vegans, etc.). Here, a Black, foreign-born, female, Obama-appointed federal judge blocks a historic execution (and by default several other executions as well). She apparently has the […]