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10 October, 2020

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I hate it when that happens. D-oh! Remember the crazy plot to kidnap a liberal governor/attack a police building that was “uncovered” by the FBI? Well, things aren’t as they seemed (the first tip-offs were the anarchist flag and the huge, African-style “ear gauges” on one of the guys…not exactly right-wing stuff…).

8 October, 2020

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Each time, the standard, anti-White FBI plan goes like this: an undercover FBI informant joins — at the urging of the FBI — a White, militia/Nazi group. Then, the informant persuades the group members to commit “X” and “Y” illegal actions, and then the FBI swoops in and arrests the White guys. Each time. Same […]

18 December, 2019

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Given the fact that the Jews are terrified of militias (“heavily-armed White citizens patrolling the cities! Oy vehhhh!”), this should get interesting very quickly. Will Virginia make White people finally wake up and stop the destruction of America (aka, The Eurocide)?

19 April, 2019

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Jew #1: “I thought we banned militias back in 1992. Where did these evil Nazis come from??” Liberal #1: “Oh, my God! Evil Nazis held innocent, future citizens at gunpoint! Somebody call the UN!” Liberal #2: “Civil-rights violations! Human-rights violations! No humans are illegal, except White males!” Liberal #3: “I’m going to cry!” (*sob*) (*sniff*) […]

6 April, 2018

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A Jewish mayor in Illinois ignores the 2nd Amendment and instigates a ban on so-called “assault rifles” (by the way, an “assault rifle” is a fully-automatic machine gun. Most people don’t own machine guns. They own semi-automatic versions of them). The 2nd Amendment doesn’t mention any specific types of guns, only “arms.” Newbies, the gun-control […]

27 May, 2012

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(Above: dead U.S. soldiers, World War I) This Memorial Day, let us remember all of the wars that America didn’t have to fight and all of the men who nonetheless died fighting them. You know, this may sound like an odd question, but, does America need a military? According to the wording of the U.S. […]

22 March, 2012

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Is the media outraged because a negro was shot? No, Blacks shoot Blacks every day in America. The media is outraged because 1) the alleged shooter wasn’t Black (in the eyes of the press, any non-Black shooter is a racist), and 2) the shooter was part of a neighborhood-watch effort (to the media, this is […]

14 February, 2012

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Jew #1: “Oh, my G_d! This can’t happen. This will legitimize citizen militias!” Jew #2: “We’ve spent years brainwashing the public into thinking that militia members are neo-Nazis, and now this happens. Oy veh!” Liberal woman: “I refuse to live in a hate state! I’m going to move to California. Or Massachusetts.” [Article].