22 March, 2012

The Latest Media Outrage: The Trayvon Martin Case

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Is the media outraged because a negro was shot? No, Blacks shoot Blacks every day in America. The media is outraged because 1) the alleged shooter wasn’t Black (in the eyes of the press, any non-Black shooter is a racist), and 2) the shooter was part of a neighborhood-watch effort (to the media, this is similar to militia activity).


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  7. 63 Responses to “The Latest Media Outrage: The Trayvon Martin Case”

    1. M. Kraus Says:

      Brutha Tray be up in Heaven now. He and Jesus be talkin’.

      Jesus: Hello, Trayvon.

      Trayvon: Hey Jesus! Damn, you got a lotta bling up in dis place. Dem gold streets is da shizzle!

      Jesus: Thank you. Most of our African residents appreciate the decor.

      Trayvon: Shit yeah! Hey, dat cracka who busted a cap in my azz–you sendin’ him down wit Satan, right?

      Jesus: Hell yes. The man is a racist. My Dad and I have a real, serious problem with those people.

      Trayvon: Me too! I got serious problems wit dem muthafuckas. But maybe I should thank dat cracka for gettin’ me into dis fine-ass place.

      Jesus: Well Trayvon, let’s just say that there is absolutely no “bling” where he’s going.

      Trayvon: Ha ha ha ha!

      Jesus: Ha ha ha ha!

      Trayvon gonna be meetin’ Doctor King, Tupac, Biggie…all dem niggas. Probably smoke a blunt wit dem.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Wasn’t “old dog tray” one of Stephen Fosters songs?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Skeeter, I too read that stupid article by Leonard “the token spade with a chip on his shoulder” Pitts. As dumb as that nigger is even I didn’t think he would refer to Zimmerman as White. Unreal.

      Good stuff, Kraus. But I doubt that King, Tupac, Biggie, et al are in any kind of eternal paradise. Well, they can stay with Haysoos. We’re going to Valhalla.

    4. Annie Oakley Says:

      White women need to learn martial arts and get a concealed carry permit if their state allows it. Until these crimes cease, white men and women have to be on guard and completely aware of their surroundings. And that means stop playing with your phone in public and stay aware. Always have both car doors locked when you’re driving.

      If you go to a restaurant or public venue and it’s mostly black, you leave. That dinner isn’t worth your life.

      Here’s what you can do. Until blacks stop killing white folks and mistreating us, you hit them in the pocketbook. If I’m in a store I only look for cashiers that are white. If I can’t find a white cashier I either use the self checkout line or I leave. If a manager asks me why, I tell them that they’re racist anti-whites and that I’m offended that there are no white cashiers.

      I can’t tell you how many retail establishments hire these punk ass ghetto bastards who are full of tats. Heaven forbid they hire a middle-aged white man or woman who can actually talk and count change.

      I told on Target executive that he had a shitty store. I said you go out of your way to hire ghetto bastards.

      When you see a gang of teenage blacks youth walking down the aisle or the streets, you walk to the other side.

      I do not make eye contact with niggers. Ever. They’re always looking for an excuse to be offended. Just breathing the same air as they do causes them to chimp-out. I’m aware of their presence but I treat them as a piece of furniture. Would you say hi couch? Hi Chair?

      I still see these dumb-assed whites fawning over niggers, trying to be nice and polite. That ain’t working folk. I was in a retail store today. Some older white lady was looking for an item. Of course the dumb nigger had no clue where it was. She finally found it.

      She was in front of me in line. When the nigger came by the cashier she said I found the item by the pool stuff. Just so you’ll know if someone else asks. That stupid nigger could care less. He’s probably thinking you old fat white lady, STFU.

      If it were me I wouldn’t have even looked at the black ape, much less told him where a product is.

      In essence, shun the punks. Period.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miss Oakley, I’ve eaten at Whitecastle’s in Memphis, Church’s Chicken in Biloxi and Nathan’s in Yonkers. Those places were full of Blacks, but not once did I ever feel nervous. You see, when a Black is eating his soul-food he is oblivious to everything else around him. Truth be told some of the best places to eat are the ones full of Blacks.

      I guess I’m sort of lucky because the local Target, along with Old Navy, JC Penney and other big stores nearby have a strict policy against hiring colored sales-clerks. White shoppers don’t like dealing with them and the store management knows it. Besides, colored employees are snippy, lazy and more prone to stealing.

      Of course those stores don’t trumpet the fact that coloreds aren’t welcome but it’s clearly understood. The staff is trained to give quick, reproachful glances at Black customers and to quietly step away from them whenever one approaches. This subtle “No Blacks” policy does work, so shopping at local retail establishments is a pleasurable experience.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      Tim McGreen as always ROFL. No one likes dealing with the sassy black lady at the counter or on the phone and normal people know that. Even blacks don’t like dealing with their fellow groids in customer service. But in Jewcago black females are put as front line customer service hacks everywhere. This is all for show. The post office has the nastiest customer service clerks ever. Most of Chicago’s quality hospitals have found it fashionable to get on the perversity band wagon. Your going to the hospital and you have to deal with a 300 pound gorilla faced sheboon who is all pissed off because she ran out of Skittles and iced tea and her break is in an hour. OY. Vey already as it is these jew businesses who are mostly doing this.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      “ROFL”…Is that something like LMFAO? LOL.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      Hi Annie Oakley. I was in OC for 15 years with my employer the USMC. Everything you say is accurate. I had to put up with a ton of bullshit because I stood up to these black bastards. But when you take on one you take on a hundred and one. They all close ranks around any white NCO who will enforce good order and discipline. The command is too chicken shit to stand up to these niggers. And even your white NCO’s won’t back you up. But I’m proud to say I stood my ground.

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      This Tray Vawn business is a bunch of horseshit and the Jews aren’t going to let this go.

    10. Bigduke6 Says:

      This Tray Vawn business is a bunch of horseshit and the Jews aren’t going to let this go.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how the Blacks are always condemning “mob justice” whenever Whites drag a coon out of his jail cell and string him up. But isn’t that exactly what the Blacks want done with that greasy Jew-Spic Zimmerman?

      Blacks are so damn stupid and obnoxious. I see one get shot in a drive-by or starve to death in Ethiopia and I laugh, because it’s funny watching them drop like flies. Of course, flies are much cleaner than your average Black.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Looks like the hate crime business is booming, in Tulsa Oklahoma, the local niggers are calling it a hate crime when 3 coons bite the dust. The so called trigger man doesn’t even look White, but heh thats okay.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, the state of Florida is finally succumbing to Jew/liberal/Black pressure by charging the greasy Jew-spic Zimmerman with something…anything! I guess the Feds will also have to get involved and accuse him of “violating” Treyvon’s sibbil rights.

      PS…….I’d love to see what that spade looked like the night of his execution. I’ll bet he was real menacing in appearance, strutting like a rooster, and had that typical Black “whachulookinatmuthafukka” attitude. But the Jew-controlled press only shows pictures of the coon when he was a little harmless-looking chimpazoid.