29 January, 2021

Some Gambling Is Good, Some Gambling Is Bad (the Government Will Decide for Us)

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Circa 1990, the police raided a retail store in my city. It seems that the owners of the store were holding $500-per-pot poker games in the back room at night. This was called “sinful” and “corrupting” and so forth. A dozen people were arrested, old people were man-handled, etc. The store was closed for some time — perhaps even permanently.

Yet, the U.S. stock market (a giant gambling operation based in New York City) is called “good.” It’s perfectly legal.

State lotteries from Florida to California are called “wholesome family fun.” They are perfectly legal as well. (I’ve seen people blow an entire paycheck on a lottery ticket. Yeah, real wholesome…“honey, why is the fridge empty?”).

What nonsense. If someone wants to gamble, let them. It should not be a crime. It’s their money to lose, if they want to. (Trivia: your retirement money is linked to the stock market by your financial planners: if “the market” collapses, poof!, there goes your retirement! Better luck next time!).

Now, both houses of the U.S. government are rushing to hold hearings, not on the November 2020 election fraud (no, no!), but on a stock market controversy which emerged just a few days ago. The government has priorities, you see. Election fraud? No problem. Orange Man Bad is out. Next. But “trouble” in “the market”? Investigate at once! Leave no stone unturned! A crisis!

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