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9 June, 2021

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Covid-19 is roughly as deadly as the flu. Okay. So, most people don’t die from it. Most people who get Covid-19 won’t even show any symptoms, or, will show mild symptoms. Yet, there is a certain hysteria about “getting everyone vaccinated.” Why? Why this vaccine, but not other vaccines? It’s a crusade, a literal crusade […]

29 January, 2021

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Circa 1990, the police raided a retail store in my city. It seems that the owners of the store were holding $500-per-pot poker games in the back room at night. This was called “sinful” and “corrupting” and so forth. A dozen people were arrested, old people were man-handled, etc. The store was closed for some […]

17 November, 2019

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Regarding China, when are the Americans who (daily) aid-and-abet this mass-murdering communist country going to be arrested by the U.S. Justice Department? Specifically, why is China allowed to have their state-owned companies listed on the American stock market? Why are U.S. stock market owners/managers helping China? Hmmmm? What’s next? U.S. defense contracts for Chinese companies? […]

15 February, 2016

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A few years ago, the police raided a local business that was hosting poker games in the back room; the jackpots were maybe $300 each – small stuff; people were actually arrested for gambling! Yet, how strange that other forms of gambling (the stock market, the lottery, horse racing, etc.) are perfectly legal, as long […]

15 May, 2014

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This article is from 2008, but nonetheless, I did not know that a significant percentage (60%) of worker pension plans are tied into the stock market, which is basically a gambling network. If anything bad happens in the stock market, your retirement savings could be in serious trouble. [Article].

1 January, 2011

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You have, no doubt, seen the famous Rosie The Riveter propaganda poster of the WWII era (above). Well, the woman who inspired that poster has just died, aged 86. A relative commented that the Rosie The Riveter poster looked exactly like the War Bond posters, except that the public was not urged to buy anything. […]