31 August, 2020

When Will the Insurrectionists be Charged With Civil-Rights Violations by Trump’s Attorney General William Barr?, Or, Being in a Race War But Not Knowing It

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I’ve been using the term “the Insurrection of 2020” lately because it basically fits the current, riotous situation in America.

But a much more accurate term would be “The Ongoing War on White Normal” (OWWN). In other words, it’s a de facto race war led by Blacks and anti-White Marxists, a war against normal, everyday, peaceful, orderly, White life. Furthermore, that war really began not in 2020 but in Summer 2014 with the death of Michael Brown, a Black thug who tried to kill a White police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. That was really the flashpoint of OWWN (the media/insurrectionist narrative of Brown’s death was: “innocent, unarmed Black man gunned down by racist White cop while surrendering with his hands raised!” But it was all crap. Actually, Brown tried to kill the cop with his own gun; a grand jury declined to charge the cop with any crime, but he was nonetheless forced to quit his job due to negative publicity and death threats).

Ironically, all of the insurrectionists and attackers in the OWWN are guilty of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under American civil rights law, all humans, even Whites, have a civil right to move freely about in public, to attend political or public events, etc., without being attacked or harassed based upon their race, their political views, etc. (Also, perhaps White people could use the Civil Rights Act of 1964 locally, by hiring pro bono attorneys to sue insurrectionists, and the leftist mayors who cover for them, for civil-rights violations).

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