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23 April, 2022

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This “Gender Transitioning and Detransitioning” crap couldn’t happen without postmodernist brainwashing [1]. What’s the difference between LSD and postmodernist philosophy? LSD is a chemical mixture, while postmodernist philosophy isn’t. Nonetheless, postmodernist philosophy creates an “alternate reality” just like LSD does, so it’s “a drug.” Young people are, ultimately, being “drugged” by postmodernist philosophy; wacko beliefs […]

15 April, 2022

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“In December, entirely without fanfare, Britain’s National Police Chief’s Council issued new guidelines for strip-searching women suspects: Men can do it.” “Female suspects can be strip-searched by police officers who were born male but identify as women – and could be accused of a hate crime if they object, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.” […]

13 April, 2022

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It’s clear that the federal government is running America off a cliff. Look around: is there anything in America that isn’t broken or corrupted? We’ve got tranny men competing (and winning) in women’s sports, for god’s sake! [1]. Our southern border is wide open (how many terrorists have snuck into America via that border on […]

9 April, 2022

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Millions of wild animals in America have successfully reproduced since 1950. But how did that happen? After all, we are told (by the Left) that gender/sex is “assigned” by a doctor. But, in the wild, there are no doctors around to “assign” animals their gender/sex. So how did the animals know if they were “male” […]

9 April, 2022

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Seen today: 4 or 5 articles on “conservative” websites expressing concern about the “gender”/”transgender” madness. And rightly so. It’s getting ridiculous. The entire political Right needs to get unified on this issue. How? Simple. Use this podcast, which tells the listener, step-by-step, how today’s “gender”/”transgender” madness is actually Marxism (it’s “gender Marxism or sexual Marxism, […]

5 April, 2022

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The rules of the Judeo-Left demand that a freaky minority group (in this case, trannies) makes the rules for the rest of society, and you better follow those rules, Mr. Normal! [1]. Judeo-leftism inverts reality. Abnormal becomes normal, while normal (e.g., the nuclear family, or heterosexual people) becomes abnormal. [Article]. . [1] Jews have dominated […]

31 March, 2022

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Caitlyn Jenner is a “she”? If you think Fox News is conservative today, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. News quote about Jenner: “She is a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community and her illustrious career spans a variety of fields that will be a tremendous asset for our audience.” [Article].

21 March, 2022

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Oh, dear: sometimes a woman isn’t a woman after all! What a scandal! (Which is exactly what the Left wants: endless conflict. This destabilizes White society. A leftist maxim: “there must always be tension and conflict in society.” That of course takes a page from Karl Marx himself: change via constant conflict. In other words, […]

10 March, 2022

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In the early Soviet Union, parents did not “own” their children, according to Marxist doctrine. Indeed, that’s what the Soviet Komsomol (youth league) was for: to “separate” the children from their parents. Children were taught to see the Communist Party as “their parents.” The state “owned” the children, for all practical purposes. Parents were just […]

7 March, 2022

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Are you down with the sickness? No, I’m not talking about Covid-19. There’s a much-more-serious sickness going around. It started out in adults, but now it’s in the children. Now it’s felony child abuse. What am I talking about? A mental illness called trannyism. The desire to “change your sex.” The fact that you can’t […]