23 April, 2022

Woke Gender Madness: Transitioning and Detransitioning

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This “Gender Transitioning and Detransitioning” crap couldn’t happen without postmodernist brainwashing [1]. What’s the difference between LSD and postmodernist philosophy? LSD is a chemical mixture, while postmodernist philosophy isn’t. Nonetheless, postmodernist philosophy creates an “alternate reality” just like LSD does, so it’s “a drug.” Young people are, ultimately, being “drugged” by postmodernist philosophy; wacko beliefs are standard and “normal” in postmodernist philosophy. The “transgender” movement is basically a cult spread by young people via the internet and social media; it even seeks to separate young people from their parents. That’s a cult-like tactic.

[Video, 37 minutes].


[1] postmodernist philosophy is also called “PostMarxism” and it’s a type of critical theory: it attacks White logic, White science, White rationalism.

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