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5 January, 2022

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by Dr. William Pierce. “And the first thing I will say is that the question of educational quality in America is much more than a question of economics, national prestige, or children’s safety. It is a question of national survival — and much more important, of racial survival. Our failure to understand this last point […]

15 December, 2021

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Allowing your child to attend any public school in 2021 is child abuse [1]. Marxism/communism is the denial of race, creed, sex or other differences [2]. In other words, all humans are the same and interchangeable (“one size fits all”). In other words, a devil-worshipping, transsexual, heroin-addicted, illegal-alien midget is “equal to” a normal White […]

24 November, 2021

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Why would you allow your kid to go to a public school? He’ll be brainwashed with leftist bullshit every day. You know he will. One hour per day: that’s all it takes to homeschool your kid. One hour per day! Get some good books and you can easily teach your kid all that he needs […]

19 September, 2021

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In American public schools today, kids can read books that describe “penis-sucking.” That’s illegal (it’s illegal to furnish pornographic material to minors). Most of these books sound like they were written by Jews. The narratives sound Jewish-written (i.e., they’re arrogant, shameless, cosmopolitan and clearly designed to provoke). The U.S. publishing industry is also heavily-Jewish [1]. […]

17 March, 2021

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Leftism: It’s “our way or no way.” You don’t get to choose. Just look at California: everything there is either mandatory or banned. Is there anybody more cruel than a leftist? No. (Wait, upon reflection, Jews are more cruel than mere leftists). Leftists are children in adult bodies and we all know how cruel children […]

9 October, 2020

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Did you know that California has a state law requiring “ethnic studies” for all children in the public schools? That’s right. What is “ethnic studies”? It’s basically “White people are evil but Brown people are wonderful” propaganda. It’s Cultural Marxism. It’s state-sponsored mental child abuse of White students. It should be outlawed in America. Why […]

24 September, 2020

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Little Cindy: “Mommy, my teacher told me that the earth will be dead in 12 years! Does that mean we’ll be dead, too???” (*sob*)(*sniff*). No, Cindy. Your teacher is a leftist jerk who should be fired and charged with child abuse. The school principal should also be charged, for allowing that junk to be taught […]

9 August, 2020

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A long-overdue idea: defund America’s public schools which have been radicalizing our children for 50 years with Marxist ideas (we are seeing the results now!). Force all public schools K-thru-university to return to “basic 3R learning” (reading, writing, arithmetic) as it existed circa 1960. If public schools teach “non-traditional, non-3R” ideas, then they don’t receive […]

22 September, 2019

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What do you call “scaring millions of children with weekly, even daily talk of the world ending in 15 years due to non-existent ‘global warming’”? I call it child abuse. In fact, in most states, deliberately scaring a child by word or deed is child abuse. When will the schoolteachers, and other leftists, be charged […]

13 July, 2019

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You can deny Jesus, you can deny the devil, you can deny gravity, you can even deny all physics! You can deny the Roman Empire, the Civil War, WWI, earthquakes, tornados, flatulence and Bigfoot. But you cannot ever question any part of the Holy Hollowswindle. To do so is to anger the Jews and to […]