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3 December, 2017

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A North Texas town (that is 48% Mexican by population) has dropped English as its official language, in order to be a “welcoming” and “inclusive” city. Sounds like communism to me. After all, communism is very inclusive: it welcomes anyone who will follow it blindly (just like Christianity does). America is a White republic. Learn […]

28 June, 2017

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In the West, the shooting sports are 99.5% White, so this is a de facto action against White people only. What are you gonna do, White man, when you are completely disarmed and there’s a gang of brown people breaking into your home (just like in South Africa now)? Right: you’re gonna do nothing; maybe […]

1 December, 2016

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Seen on the TV: a mention of America’s White “middle class” which hardly exists anymore. There are only two classes of Whites now: “too rich” and “living from paycheck-to-paycheck and trying to stay afloat via both husband and wife working.” Thanks to job outsourcing, free trade, higher-than-necessary taxation, various small-business burdens [1], Affirmative Action, and […]

14 March, 2016

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Maybe partly, but not really. Many White people are beginning to realize that their country and their culture (Western culture, a.k.a. White culture) are under attack from all sides: from immigration, from the media, from the Jews and the Left, from the public schools, from the federal government [1], from globalism and “free trade”, etc. […]

18 December, 2015

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(Note: “government” here refers to federal, state and local governments but refers mostly to federal government) If you are a White person living in a White, Western country, you have a “contract” of sorts with the government. You register for the military draft and fight wars for the government if needed. You pay taxes. You […]

7 March, 2015

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“Mr. Phillips, a Labour party member, says anti-racism began with good intentions but turned into ‘thought control.’” Well, you know that old saying: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” [Article].

13 February, 2015

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(Above: the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the “1963” at bottom is apparently a typo) Affirmative Action has existed since 1964 (that’s 51 years). For how long does AA need to continue? And what about California, where Whites are now a minority? Do Whites benefit from AA there? Nope. AA is a big scam that […]