9 October, 2020

It Is Time to Remove Your Children from the Horrible Public Schools

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Did you know that California has a state law requiring “ethnic studies” for all children in the public schools? That’s right. What is “ethnic studies”? It’s basically “White people are evil but Brown people are wonderful” propaganda. It’s Cultural Marxism. It’s state-sponsored mental child abuse of White students. It should be outlawed in America. Why isn’t it outlawed? Why do White people tolerate this crap?

So why did Governor Newsom veto this bill? It wasn’t because he didn’t like it. It was because Jews, and other minorities, didn’t like it (but don’t worry, the bill will be green-lighted next time. After all, this is California, the land of fruits and nuts!).

If you are a parent, home-school your kids. It only takes an hour per day. Or, maybe send them to a good charter or private school.

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