20 August, 2018

South Africa: the Black Government Will Seize White Farms. What Will the Global Response Be?

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(Above: the White-built city of Johannesburg, South Africa)

“It comes as the South African government pushes ahead with plans to amend the country’s constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.” Yeah, that’s called theft. Ya know, stealing. Apparently, it’s okay to steal land from White people.

Newbies, White people built South Africa: the roads, the bridges, the ports and harbors, the power plants, the railways, the airports, the hospitals, the courts, the police agencies, everything. South Africa wouldn’t exist without Whitey. But now, the amazingly stupid Black government of South Africa is going to seize White-owned farms, and the global response will be silence unless White people make noise about it. But let’s get to the real nugget of the matter: who put negroes in charge of South Africa? Who gave Blacks political power back in 1994? That’s right: the usual creeps did it: the Jews.


  • 5 Responses to “South Africa: the Black Government Will Seize White Farms. What Will the Global Response Be?”

    1. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      The mobs and fanatics toppled a Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina. Had the statue been adorned in a Federal costume, all participants would have been arrested.

    2. Arian Says:

      If it had been a statue of MLK, the EBT crowd would be rioting in every city, egged on by j-media.

    3. Jürgen Says:


      For every South African farmer we relocate into the U.S.,
      we send a nigger to that wonderful new nigger paradise
      they are forming there in South Africa?

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Good point fd, but: Where were the campus police anyway, when that statue was pulled down?

      It took about two hours. That is your point–the police were not even called, or were told to stand down.

      The destruction of America AND Europe is at full speed by sluggards and no-goods. They will only be stopped by furious and returning fists. We are like Germany, after WW2, when the right was being attacked, and finally had to take things into their own hands. Police cannot be depended on.

      Trump is the main target of the leftists, which is why I support him completely. If they get him out of the way, the destruction of America will go into warp-speed.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      South Africa is a test case.

      For the Commie Zio Order to see if or how many people object
      To the Outright Genocide of a White minority population.
      Some help has come from Russia and Australia but NONE

      Wondering Why?
      Well the Jew Senator Brownback i believe
      Put forth the idea that no White South Africans should be admitted to
      The Jew S
      On the grounds. That any white people from there would be Racist!
      And not make “good amerikwans”.

      Not sure if was actual legislation or just Jewish Bitching which turned into
      Goy Vernment policy.
      I Report
      U Decide!