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5 March, 2017

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(Above: Ana Pauker, one of the communist Jews who terrorized Romania; few of the Jews who committed real crimes against humanity were ever charged with a crime; contrast that to Nazi officials, who were tried for mostly-imaginary “crimes” and hanged; incredibly, Pauker is often portrayed as a “victim” of Romania’s communist regime due to “anti-Semitism” […]

19 June, 2015

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[…] “Goldhagen favors using the term “antisemitism” over the hyphenated “anti-Semitism” — doubtless because the latter implies the existence of a “Semitism” which could (and indeed does) provide the dialectical basis for “anti-Semitism.” [Book Review].

22 October, 2014

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Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944—1947, by Thomas Goodrich. “The author makes it clear that by 1944 the war aims of the Allies was not just the defeat of the German armed forces, nor even the destruction of the National Socialist regime, but rather, ‘nothing less than the utter extinction of the German nation.’” […]

9 October, 2014

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“The Ethnostate” by Wilmot Robertson, 1992; A .PDF file. A VNN review of the book Here.

23 August, 2014

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[…] “The Eurocrats are very fond of the word ‘democracy,’ but they consistently oppose democratic procedures when these would present an obstacle to their plans: ‘With the Lisbon Treaty, you didn’t let a single nation other than the Irish vote, and when the Irish said no, you bribed them into compliance.’ If Willinger were a […]

2 July, 2014

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It’s a book about Leo Strauss, a well-known, neoconservative Jew who believed that “America should not be White, but a melting pot.” That “melting pot” idea was, of course, started by another Jew, the poet Emma Lazarus. In fact, Jews have led the movement to de-Whiten America with the melting pot lie and other lies. […]

23 June, 2014

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Short review of the book: [Here]. Online version of the book: [Here].

13 January, 2013

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. […] “Ultimately, given that multiculturalism is a failure, the only way to prevent the disasters mentioned by Hewson from completely displacing Western culture is to prevent immigration of other cultures into the West and to begin the process of repatriation. The nascent intellectual counter movement centered around Duchesne’s work will give […]

28 April, 2012

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Why do some people think that Christianity (a Jewish-rooted, egalitarian religion) is somehow good for Western culture (as opposed to Nazism)? Christinsanity isn’t even Western. It’s Middle-Eastern. Further, you can’t serve two masters. You either serve your race, or you serve Jesus. Also, as Alex once said: if Christianity is so great, why did the […]

14 July, 2011

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I had not read the Toynbee quote about Jews/Marxism until now. Very interesting. (Of course, Henry Ford’s book also points out that communism came from Jews, i.e., that it was built upon the Jewish kahal. Anyway, it’s simply more proof that they spawned the most evil ideology in history). [Article].