20 September, 2018

Book Review

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Reviewed: “The Myth of the Blood: The Genesis of Racialism” by Julius Evola.


“The Myth of the Blood is a remarkable book in several respects – as a historical artefact; as counterweight to modern scientific racialist thought; as an example of radical anti-egalitarian thought; as a contribution to the discussion of the Jewish Question; as an influential and consequential riposte to strictly Nordicist visions of European civilization (in the past, present, and future); and even as an important development within Evola’s own oeuvre. I can say with some certainty that no-one will find agreement with everything that Evola has to say in the text, but I can equally say that no-one will struggle to find significant value in it either.”

[Book Review].

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  7. 13 Responses to “Book Review”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I tried to read a book by Julius Evola once. I was not quite sure what he was trying to say.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      A master of cockwomble. Abos with their abojabber are more honest. Trump is the honestest—you know what he is saying.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, hopefully VNN will review our airbrushed naked women if we send them the pics! THAT is the Art of the West!

      We can take our cameras to FantasyFest and get some current shots of our work.
      Of course, the ladies would have to sign a release form and all that nonsense.

    4. Jared Taylor Says:

      Antagonistes wrote:

      “I tried to read a book by Julius Evola once. I was not quite sure what he was trying to say.”

      I could not agree more.

    5. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      We would respectfully ask VNN to rid themselves of these two miscreants, Antagonistes and Thom McQueen.

      That two adult men would be so enamored with painting the naked derrieres of middle-aged and degraded women is disgusting and repellant.

      Their comments on this website always come back to that—airbrushing naked women.

      The Lake of Fire awaits these two. The justice of God is not mocked. They will perish in flames.

      Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      For your information, most of the naked women we airbrush are born-again Christians.

      How is that any different from your nude ranch?

      At least our women walk about in public with a thin layer of paint on certain areas.

    7. BroncoColorado Says:

      I’m more concerned with the silence from VNN over the past couple of weeks, is all ok with Socrates and his team?

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      I am concerned that me and Ant are the only ones who ever reply and get the ball rolling

    9. fd Says:


    10. Socrates Says:

      BroncoColorado Says: “I’m more concerned with the silence from VNN over the past couple of weeks, is all ok with Socrates and his team?”

      Thanks, there have been technical difficulties here…all should be normal soon…

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      How about post-whatever-you-want so me and Thom can post our work?

    12. Socrates Says:

      Ok, Ant, just post whatever you want on this thread…

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Soc, I cannot get any of the women I airbrushed to sign a release form, the few I can even find, that is. Some are not too bright, and do not even remember that I airbrushed every inch of them. Incredible.

      Thom and I will be at FantasyFest in about a week, and I will offer a discount to any female who will let me post their picture.