22 October, 2014

Book: Who Was Really Holocausted?

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Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944—1947, by Thomas Goodrich.

“The author makes it clear that by 1944 the war aims of the Allies was not just the defeat of the German armed forces, nor even the destruction of the National Socialist regime, but rather, ‘nothing less than the utter extinction of the German nation.'”

[Book Review].

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I condemn the atrocities that were committed against the German people by the Jew-controlled Allies. BUT…BUT….to portray the Germans as nothing more than helpless victims of the enemy’s cruelty is to play the exact same dishonest game that Jews, Liberals and Negroes like to play. The right-wing revisionistas make Hitler and the Third Reich out to be nothing more than misunderstood, unappreciated social workers who were only trying to help everyone. Is that really how you want to think of WWII Germany? Is that really how you want others to think of the “Nazis”?

      Russia lost millions of its people in the two world wars against Germany. Leningrad, Kiev and Stalingrad were all destroyed because of German aggression. The Soviet people did nothing against Germany to deserve the treatment they got. In fact, during the 1920s Soviet Russia secretly allowed the Wehrmacht to train its combat forces inside the country, in blatant violation of the Versailles Treaty.

      Every combatant nation in WWI and II committed more than their fair share of atrocities against the enemy. And sometimes even against their own allies and people. Is all this endless re-examination of who did what to whom 75 years ago really getting us anywhere?

    2. Socrates Says:

      Tim, you are beginning to sound like an “anti.” Was it Hitler’s fault that the Jews created the Soviet Union?

    3. torrence Says:

      Tim McGreen often sounds like an anti; I’ve noticed this over the years. Posters whose purpose is to cause ideologic disruption and confusion do so as they appear to ‘go along with the flow’. Embedded in their comments are sentiments not necessarily overtly at odds with the advocated position, but sufficiently subtle to quell undivided consensus and resolution of the point at hand.
      “By way of deception shall we wage war.” — The Jewish Mossad.

      McGreen needs to be called out on this.

    4. torrence Says:

      Is Tim McGreen a ‘monitor’ for others’ interests? Over the years, I’ve had my doubts.
      A CRUCIAL point from the review of the book:
      “Goodrich suggests that, in large part, this genocide was the culmination of an eleven-year propaganda campaign against Germany lead mainly by American Jews.”

      Satisying when the Jews are called out to account.
      ALWAYS rule out the Jew when something evil, nefarious and dubious is encountered. They are behind much. They are our misfortune.

    5. torrence Says:

      Is Tim McGreen a ‘monitor’ for others’ interests? Over the years, I’ve had my doubts.
      A CRUCIAL point from the review of the book:
      “Goodrich suggests that, in large part, this genocide was the culmination of an eleven-year propaganda campaign against Germany lead mainly by American Jews.”

      Satisfying when the Jews are called out to account.
      ALWAYS rule out the Jew when something evil, nefarious and dubious is encountered. They are behind much. They are our misfortune.

    6. fd Says:

      The Germans understood the threat of communism. They wanted to stop its advance into the heart of Europe.

      Germany’s peaceful reconstruction and soaring economy operating outside the international monetary system enraged the status quo in Western Europe and Washington. Capitalism is a fraud; free enterprise is honest.

      The German government made the same mistakes that all big governments do. They bit off more than they could chew. The people in Washington are doing that this instant.

    7. fd Says:

      I meant to write ‘free trade’, but ‘free enterprise’ is the same. No tariffs. Everybody competes on a level playing field.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I knew my commentary would generate controversy, but that’s not why I posted it. Please allow me to get back on track by saying that the election of Hitler as Reich Chancellor in 1933 SAVED Germany from being plunged into a civil war that might very well have resulted in a Red victory. I would also like to point out that it was demobilized Wehrmacht troops who, thankfully, saved Bavaria from becoming a revolutionary Soviet Republic in 1919. Lenin knew his Revolution in Russia could not ultimately succeed unless Germany also turned Bolshevik, something that was a very real possibility in the chaos of post-WWI Germany.

      I think the record will show that I am pro-Hohenzollern, pro-Romanov and pro-Habsburg. I will confess that I find some Marxist figures to be very interesting, but that doesn’t mean I could ever support bringing anyone like them to power.

      If I am sometimes critical of Hitler and the NSDAP I am in excellent company. Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg and General Erich Ludendorff also expressed some serious concerns about the “Nazis” towards the end of their lives.

      Many officers, especially those of the old Prussian military class, resented the Fuhrer’s constant meddling in military affairs, and rightfully so. Hitler’s top military officials all but begged him not to order an attack on the USSR. But he ignored them. Then once Barbarossa was underway they stressed that it could only work if the Wehrmacht headed straight for Moscow and captured the capital before the winter set in. Again, Hitler ignored their advice. Is it therefore any wonder a large group of Army officers conspired to assassinate him in July 1944? Even the mighty Erwin Rommel was staring to have doubts about Hitler by that point.

      I hope you all realize that the Russian and Ukrainian people are White Europeans and not the “Mongolian-Tartar untermenschen” that some “Nazis” portrayed them as?

      Now that I have set the record straight about where I stand you may continue to hurl rotten tomatoes and cast aspersions if you like.

    9. fd Says:

      My earlier words didn’t address any comments.

      Enemies of the New Reich wanted war and they got it. Hitler made mistakes as all people do. Hitler was better than the leaders who wanted to destroy him. The mass rape of Germany (females 8 to 80) was carried out by the greasiest mongoloid Russian soldiers. And the killing of General Patton sent a message to the world that total war was mandatory.

      At a press conference in Germany, Patton said Jews were lower than animals. No way could Patton go home and write the real book on WW2.

      19th century: The US-Russian Alliance


      At the point of maximum war danger between Great Britain and the United States, the London satirical publication Punch published a vicious caricature of US President Abraham Lincoln and Russian Tsar Alexander II, demonizing the two friends as bloody oppressors. From Punch, October 24, 1863.

      19th century U.S. Russian Alliance http://www.voltairenet.org/article169488.html

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      Tim, WTF ! Your post alone call’s for banning IMO.

      What went on in fact from 1890 directed by enemy alien forces out of London and NYC is not funny. You know about these aliens did in fact finance the building a new Japanese fleet, using UK and German ship engineers and loaned them 45 million to sink the Russian fleet and did so on a Sunday morning at Sunrise killing all hands in 1904. Teddy Roosevelt go a Noble Peace prized out of that little back stabbing of Russia and the Czar. The only Nation was official Christian at that time too.

      Between 1917 and 1939 the USSR was run by murder terror, starvation, rape, moving masses of ethnic peoples all over too.


      The anti always implodes.

      Enough said.


    11. Howdy Doody Says:


      PS the Ukrainians hugged and kissed German military entering their villages.

      900 thousand helped fight the USSR bastrads.

      If only Germany had, had more supplies to fully unitize the victims of the NYC/London Stalin murder terror machine that was called the USSR! It was ONE big prison.

    12. fd Says:

      The Japanese navy defeated the Russian navy in the Russo – Japanese war. British white technology was used in building the Japanese navy which out classed the Russian fleet.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      They were asleep and had no inkling when they were hit.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy, there’s no need to be upset, sir. I don’t want to be an armchair general 75 years after the fact and say Hitler should have done this or that instead of something else. That would be foolish in the extreme.

      But did the invading Germans take advantage of all the anti-Stalin sentiment in the USSR? No, they apparently did not. That’s why, I would guess, the Reds managed to successfully sneak so many “anti fascist” partisan units behind German lines. There were some great Waffen SS Freikorps warriors of Ukrainian, Baltic and Russian descent but there never was any huge Soviet civilian uprising against the Stalin regime in favor of Hitler.

      I think that was because Stalin was more level-headed, cunning and calculating than Hitler. He cynically appealed to the nationalist sentiments of the Soviet people, he warned them that German “barons and aristocrats” would seize their farms, he knew how to use the centuries-old Russian hostility towards Germans to his advantage.

      It’s true that Czar Alexander II sent a Russian navy warship or two into Union ports as a show of support for the Lincoln regime during the Civil War, but only because the British and the French were supporting the Confederacy. The Russians were still angry about their loss to Britain and France in the Crimean War a few years earlier and wanted to pay them back for that defeat.

      The British, German and Russian monarchies were all Germanic and were all closely related to each other. But those monarchs were too busy competing against each other for possession of non-White colonies around the world. A fatal mistake, one that Hitler certainly never would have made, even though the Fuhrer had a lot more support among non-White nations than he did among the White ones. It’s a strange world.

    15. fd Says:

      Roosevelt and Stalin were two peas in a pod.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jewsmedia doesn’t like to talk about it but there were still a few Wehrwolf\Werewolf units fighting against the Allies in occupied Germany all the way into 1947! Those Wehrwolves were mostly comprised of the remnants of Waffen SS and Hitlerjugend fighters. Loyal to end, and beyond.

    17. fd Says:

      When you put the puzzle together, the results are madness: Russia supported the Federals during the Civil War. Germans came over like gang-busters to join the Federal army. The English and the French gave moral support to the Confederacy but no military support. A few decades later, Germany is attacked twice by the Washington government they fought to save. The Russians took advantage of the chaos in WW1 and WW2 and came out on top. And the Jews are sittin’ pretty.

      Which ever way the whiskey bottle falls.

      The 3 Baltic states made up some of the best and most loyal fighters for the Reich during WW2. The Cossacks too.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      The 3 Baltic states made up some of the best and most loyal fighters for the Reich during WW2. The Cossacks too.


      The hardened and loyal ye, and what made that way being so fierce is because they experience almost 24 of hell spawn monsters murdering, starving and terrorizing the Whites, and they got their chance they jumped to fight and pay back. Millions of Russian’s did defect, central Europe, Germany and Hitler just did not have the logistics and supplies to take the most advantage of the situation.

      Then the energy to ferret out double agents, was a biggie to consider.

    19. archer Says:

      You can argue all day long about what mistakes were made by the Germans, but the two front war sealed their fate. If Britain was neutralized either by treaty or conquest, the bombing campaign that destroyed the Luftwaffe and most of Germany never would have happened. Just as their was a mini war between the nazis and commies for control of Germany, there would have eventually been a war with Russia. Stalin built up a huge offensive army with the sole intention of invading western Europe.