2 July, 2014

Book Review

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It’s a book about Leo Strauss, a well-known, neoconservative Jew who believed that “America should not be White, but a melting pot.” That “melting pot” idea was, of course, started by another Jew, the poet Emma Lazarus. In fact, Jews have led the movement to de-Whiten America with the melting pot lie and other lies. (On the melting pot topic: Newbies, note for the record that The United States of America was founded by White men. It wasn’t founded by Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Jews or women. It was founded as a White republic, not a melting pot, everyone-is-equal democrazy. In fact, Blacks didn’t have fully equal rights until the ending of the Jim Crow laws in 1967 [1]. In other words, Blacks haven’t been “equal” for very long. And what about the Indians? Weren’t they here first? No, actually, they weren’t. Kennewick Man shows that some non-Indians were here first, but it wouldn’t matter, anyway, because the Indians were mostly wandering nomads with no claim to any specific land).


[1] i.e., the Loving v. Virginia court ruling

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