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15 October, 2021

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Quote: “Zemmour is an unlikely hero for the French nationalist right. The son of Berber Jews from Algeria, he is 63 years old and has never held public office.” Some Jews “say the right things.” But get this into your skulls, newbies: if France is a White country (and it is!), then don’t vote for […]

24 August, 2021

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“The Lady and the Duke” (2001); in French with English subtitles. This is a good movie about the French Revolution (1789-1799), which I have posted about before. Filmed in a unique way, this movie documents the “first communist revolution in history” (i.e., leftists overthrew and murdered the king and queen of France thanks largely to […]

13 May, 2021

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In September 1973, the Chilean military overthrew the Marxist president Salvador Allende, who killed himself during the military’s assault on the presidential palace. The military had no choice but to act: Chile was being ruined. Literally. Could the same thing happen in America? Twenty years ago, the answer would have been “no.” Today? Maybe. News […]

7 May, 2021

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“It is too late for France and the US. If you read The Camp of the Saints, you will be brought face to face with your own fate. The Democrats, the media, the woke “intellectuals,” the universities, and the public schools are hard at work preparing our doom. The United States are now the Disunited […]

1 May, 2021

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France is a powerful, White country. But being powerful and White didn’t save it because its leaders over the years have been assholes: corrupt and power-hungry, just like our leaders in America. My father used to have a saying: “first, take it to its logical conclusion.” In other words, before you perform “X” action (or […]

20 April, 2021

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Woe to the person who doesn’t worship at The Temple of Tranny in 2021. Just ask this guy Dawkins. Being a tranny gives you amazing power (i.e., the power of the victim/the outsider). No one can criticize you or question your moral status. You’re like a Holocaust survivor, a rape victim and a battered wife […]

24 November, 2020

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Rhetorical questions: have you ever seen a conservative character in a French movie? (Nope…well, wait, I take that back: The Day of the Jackal, 1973. One movie! And he was a bad guy). Have you ever seen a French movie that didn’t feature too much sex? (Nope). Also, the French people (the gentiles) seem to […]

21 May, 2020

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A very high point of White culture. Begun in 1631, the French royal palace is jaw-dropping in its art and aesthetics. It was the royal residence of France from 1682-onward. It was closed by the leftist revolutionary mobs in 1789 and looted in 1793. It is located about 10 miles southwest of Paris. Regardless of […]

4 May, 2020

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Liberals love rules and mandates. They love forcing people to do things, despite their frequent claims that they are “easy-going” and “tolerant.” Just look at California: it’s a police state run by liberals (e.g., California has laws that prohibit the state from doing business with any other state that “discriminates” against “transgender” people, even though […]

24 April, 2020

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Non-White immigrants are rioting in France, as usual. And the media and the government are downplaying the race factor, as usual. If the French (the real French) had any brains, they would expel the non-White immigrants, who always cause trouble. But, that would be “racism” and that isn’t “allowed” today. [Article].