1 May, 2021

You Can Almost See It Now: White Europe Will Collapse Soon

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France is a powerful, White country. But being powerful and White didn’t save it because its leaders over the years have been assholes: corrupt and power-hungry, just like our leaders in America.

My father used to have a saying: “first, take it to its logical conclusion.” In other words, before you perform “X” action (or allow it to happen), what will happen later, as a consequence of that action? Europe should have thought likewise. White Europe is committing suicide — or, much more accurately, is being murdered, via immigration and multiculturalism. As time goes on, it will become harder and harder to hide that fact. This means that the Jews and the leftists will be getting more and more nervous about “the chickens coming home to roost.” Their policies, after all, are murdering White Europe.

France should have remained White. The French know that now. But it’s too late. Or…is it?


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