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25 July, 2018

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“The greatest trick the Jew ever pulled was convincing the world he was human.” Similar: “The greatest trick the Jew ever pulled was convincing the world he was White.” Each one is true in its own way. Jews aren’t human as long as they insist that gentiles are animals who were put on earth to […]

16 July, 2018

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(Above: the Israeli flag with the Jewish hate symbol on it known as the Magen David [Star of David]) An Israeli flag will soon be planted on the moon, polluting the moonscape forever with bigotry and hate [1][2]. Can you imagine the outcry if anyone tried to put a Nazi flag on the moon? [Article]. […]

11 July, 2018

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Newbies: do you think that the Blacks, the Browns, the SJWs (“Social Justice Warriors”) and the “antifas” hold the moral high ground in America’s ongoing culture war? They sure act like they do, right? But they don’t. Normal White people hold the moral high ground. After all, they built the United States of America and […]

13 October, 2017

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Here’s the nugget of this matter: you must declare yourself not only to be pro-White but also anti-Jew. Nothing else matters but those 2 closely-related things. That’s the whole kernel of the matter. Learn it and live it. [Alex and Jan Audio].

16 June, 2017

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Some Jews (or in this case, half-Jews) are anti-Israel not because they hate the Jewish state, but because they think Israel is a burden and a “big negative” for international Jewry (i.e., Israel does the Jewish image in the world more harm than good; and let’s face it, choosing Israel as a home state wasn’t […]

2 August, 2015

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(Above: classic Western architecture) Here’s something for conned-servatives to think about: America’s most “important” city, New York City, is not Western: it’s home to many different ethnic groups, most of them non-White (that includes Jews). Ditto Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Detroit. In fact, you could argue that America should no longer be […]

5 May, 2014

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Jewish privilege, of course. At all of the elite colleges and universities, it’s Jews (who look White, but aren’t genetically White) who enjoy significant over-representation and privilege. [Article].

27 January, 2013

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(Above: Nirenstein) Nirenstein is an “Italian” MEP? Nope, because Italians are White Europeans. She’s a Jew. Not the same thing! (In fact, she even admitted that she’s a Jew first and foremost) [1]. She holds dual citizenship, living in Israel, too, which is an apartheid state. She’s acting racially by being a Zionist Jew, while […]

10 May, 2012

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Meanwhile, most Jews continue to deny that they’re a race, claiming that they’re only a “religion.” (According to the criteria of one U.S. government bureau, the Jews are a race) [1]. [Article]. [1] i.e., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. See the VDARE article “The Race FAQ” by Steve Sailer, December 16, 2007

9 January, 2010

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Even when you play it safe and allow Jews into your White organization in order to avoid criticism, like the BNP did, the “conservatives” still portray you as sinister Hitler-lovers. So you might wonder: why bother being nice in the first place? (Speaking of Jews, notice that the author of the article has Jewish roots): […]