17 December, 2019

Interesting and Revealing Article About Trump’s Executive Order Concerning Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

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News quote: “To use Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to fight discrimination against Jews, Jews would have to be defined under that law as a nationality or a race, since Title VI does not address discrimination against religious groups. But the vast majority of Jews in the United States do not see themselves as a separate nationality or a race.”

(You have to admit, the Jews are clever people: usually posing as White people, but also posing as “just a religion” whenever they need to. That’s known as “having your cake and eating it, too.” If Jews are only a religion, why is there a “Jewish genetic diseases” website? The diseases are even sorted by Jewish genetic “type”: Ashkenazim [aka Eastern-European Jews] and Sephardim [aka Mediterranean Jews]. Approximately 90% of all Jews in the world are Ashkenazim. Jews have so few “genetic founders” that they can be called a race, even though they are rarely called that).


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    1. Frank Toliver Says:

      You can’t genocide a religion… :)

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