17 February, 2020

The Lolocaust: Kind, Sweet Jews Forgive Satanic-Nazis-From-Hell

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Jew: “Yes, we Jews nearly wrecked Germany in the 1920s via communism and socialism, and yes, we later declared financial and political war on Germany in 1933, and yes, we created WWII which totally destroyed Germany, and yes, we lied about Hitler ‘gassing’ us in order to get Israel, and yes, we still make Germany pay us millions of dollars per year in ‘Holocaust’ reparations. But, nonetheless, we forgive you — but you better keep the money coming!”

German: “Saaaaay, that’s mighty non-White of you.”

(Question: if Auschwitz was a “Nazi death camp” run by the Satanic Angel of Hades, Dr. Josef Mengele, how did millions of Jews survive it? Why did Auschwitz have a brass band comprised of camp inmates? The inmate musicians would have had to be replaced every day due to the ongoing “gassings.” Lies surround the Auschwitz story like flies surround a garbage truck).

[Video, animated; duration is 7 minutes; it seems that this woman is, or was, quite the Holo-celeb!].

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