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10 January, 2020

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The Jews and their helpers are always banning “Holocaust denial™” somewhere. Now TikTok (a video-sharing social networking) has banned it. But that could be harder to do than TikTok realizes. The Jews have a very broad definition of “Holocaust denial™.” For example, if you say “6 million Jews™ didn’t die in the Holocaust™, only 4 […]

30 July, 2019

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“My particular crime was to have written a well-reviewed popular science book about why racial categories are not as biologically meaningful as we think and how, in fact, they have been used to justify slavery and the Holocaust.” You mean, the Jews aren’t arrogant, oily people who have been at war with humanity since before […]

24 April, 2017

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Who? What? A hologram? A holograph? Where? What are you talkin’ about? Gas? Gassed? Yeah, my car’s gassed up, I bought some the other day, filled up the tank, in fact. Why do you wanna know?? You some kinda cop?? [Article].

3 July, 2016

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If Auschwitz was a “death camp,” why are there millions of “Auschwitz survivors”? And why was there a hospital at Auschwitz? Also, about 100 people escaped from Auschwitz, yet they said nothing about “humans being gassed” there when they returned to civilization. Why not? These are questions that are illegal to ask in most European […]

21 April, 2015

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During WWII, 349 billion Jews were “gassed” in a fake gassing event, so now, an elderly bookkeeper who never killed anyone will probably go to prison for the fake gassings, in order to please Big Jew. (The bookkeeper, Oskar Groening, has said that he saw “gas chambers” at Auschwitz. No, he didn’t. He saw crematoriums. […]

23 February, 2015

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(Above: the Auschwitz camp band. How could a band exist at Auschwitz if its members were constantly being gassed?) A 94-year-old (!) German man has been charged with being a “death camp” guard at Auschwitz. Prosecutors say that “the suspect was an SS sergeant who served as a medic in Auschwitz in an SS hospital.” […]

27 January, 2015

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Let us never forget that, in ancient times, Oswiecim (a.k.a. Auschwitz), Poland was the place where the Jews bought and sold White women as sexual slaves. Yes, let’s remember that. [Article].

21 October, 2014

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Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchorman, has traveled to Auschwitz (*yawn*). In 300 years, will Americans still be hearing about Auschwitz? Yes! The Jews have made “Holocaust” remembrance a religion in the West. WWII is now only a footnote to the Holocaust story. As if the Nazis had any choice in sending Jews to Auschwitz. […]