10 January, 2020

Censorship, Holocaust Denial and Holocaust Math

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The Jews and their helpers are always banning “Holocaust denial™” somewhere. Now TikTok (a video-sharing social networking) has banned it. But that could be harder to do than TikTok realizes. The Jews have a very broad definition of “Holocaust denial™.” For example, if you say “6 million Jews™ didn’t die in the Holocaust™, only 4 million did,” according to the Jews, that’s “Holocaust denial™.” Never mind the fact that the government of Poland did just that in 1990 by revising the “6 million™” number downward by 2.5 million, so the official number isn’t 6 million™ anymore. But the Jews still claim it’s 6 million™! That’s what’s known as “Holocaust™ math.” It’s always “6 million™,” regardless! (I wonder if the Polish government will be charged with “Holocaust denial™” because of that: “In Poland, Holocaust denial and the denial of communist crimes is punishable by law.” — Wikipedia).

At any rate, because of this type of ubiquitous censorship, more and more people are questioning the Holocaust™. More people now know that the Jews (and not the militaries of the allies) spun a ridiculous tale about “6 million Jews™” being “gassed” in plain brick buildings with wooden doors, which never could have happened: wood is not gas-proof and HCN (Hydrogen cyanide) gas would have leaked from the doors, killing the Nazi guards, too. Sure, some Jews died at Auschwitz. So did some communists and some homosexuals. But they died from starvation and disease, not “gassing.” And the number of Jews who died at Auschwitz was in the thousands, not the millions.

Why would the Jews lie about the Holocaust™? For at least three reasons. One, to claim “the power of the victim.” That power has opened a lot of doors for the Jews, both political and financial. Two, to get Israel. Both reasons worked very well: to this day, Germany pays the Jews millions of dollars per year in “Holocaust reparations™” and the Jews now have their own country, complete with nuclear weapons! And the third reason? Jews are, as a people, notorious liars — they’re worse than gypsies, and that’s saying something. Indeed, phony “Holocaust survivor™ stories” are very common. Why do you think the Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries? In fact, they were kicked out of France five times.


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